Turnip Boy Commits Tax Achievements Guide

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 18 November, 2022

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Achievements Guide – A guide to unlock all the achievements – Base & Secret achievements

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Achievements Guide – All the Achievements

  • Tax evader: You committed tax evasion!
  • Heartless: You tore up a love letter.
  • Most wanted: You ripped up a wanted poster.
  • Murderer: You brutally murdered Jerry and ripped up his rent
  • Dumpster diver: You ripped up a receipt in the trash
  • Contractor: You tore up someone’s 1099.
  • Simp: You shredded slayQueen32’s autograph.
  • Computer wiz: You broke some computer software
  • Book worm: You ripped a lame book in half
  • Savvy shopper: You destroyed a receipt for seeds
  • Adventurer: You grew your own Soil Sword! (Check Solutions)
  • Anarchist: You destroyed every single tax document
  • Hat wearer: You obtained your first hat
  • Fashionista: You found all the hats
  • Tank: You grew all the heart fruits!

Secret Achievements

  • Draft dodger: You tore up Matt’s draft letter
  • The messenger: You ripped up Matt’s MIA notice
  • Waifu: You destroyed a waifu
  • Petitioner: You destroyed FlipFlop’s last chance
  • Devil: You destroyed a vandalized wanted poster
  • Estate agent: You destroyed someone else’s deed
  • Gravedigger: You ripped up a letter to the dead
  • Doomsdayers: You tore up a nuclear hazard information sheet
  • News boy: You ripped up an old newspaper
  • Liz: You read and ripped up part of a diary
  • Teacher: You destroyed the book that taught everyone how to speak
  • Tyrant: You destroyed words written by a tyrant
  • Turnipchino: You ripped up a letter from your dad
  • Home owner: You ripped up your own deed
  • Criminal: You got a dirty shovel (Check Solutions)
  • Turnip Boy: You committed tax evasion (Check Solutions)
  • Taxation with representation: You prevented universal taxation (Check Solutions)
  • Winner: You obtained a chunk of gold that makes you feel good (Check Solutions)
  • Destroyer of the world: Get nuked kiddo (Check Solutions)
  • Conductor: (Check Solutions)
  • Passenger: (Check Solutions)
  • ???: (Check Solutions)

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Achievements Guide – Solutions

  • Tax evader: rip up the2st  tax bill
  • Heartless: Veggieville > northeast corner > grow the plant behind the blueberry  > give the flower to the strawberry
  • Most wanted: Weapon Woods > 1st to 2nd area > upper left corner of carrot’s area
  • Murderer: Weapon Woods  > Kill the snail > return the money to the blueberry
  • Dumpster diver: Layer Lane > 1st area > interact with the barrel (left corner)
  • Contractor: Layer Lane > Barn > Talk to the contractor (outside > upper left)
  • Simp: Unmissable
  • Computer wiz: Give slayQueen32 the tier 3 sub > Talk to the vegetable (Belch) again)
  • Book worm: Bustling Barn > upper left most room > rip up the book
  • Savvy shopper: Plain Plains > outside of the Forsaken Farmhouse > carrot patch > rip the receipt
  • Adventurer: Weapon Woods > water the sword plant (upper right section)
  • Anarchist: Check Documents
  • Hat wearer: Check hats
  • Fashionista: Check hats
  • Tank: Check Heart Fruit
  • Draft dodger: rip up Matt’s draft letter (Forsaken Farmhouse > room at the bottom, where the baby cherry)
  • The messenger: Forsaken Farmhouse > before boss room > rip Matt’s MIA notice up
  • Waifu: Destroy a waifu
  • Petitioner: Holly’s phone is in Rocky Ramp, but get it from Forgotten Forest
  • Devil: tree north of the first house you’ll find in Forgotten Forest
  • Estate agent: Complete Forgotten Forest > Acorn on the stump (northeast of Annie’s lab) > give it to estate agent (layer lane) > talk to the Acorn again
  • Gravedigger: Grim Graveyard > 3rd room > northwestern grave
  • Doomsdayers: Unmissable
  • News boy: Bomb Bunker > Kitchen > North > 1st room to the right, on the bed
  • Liz: Bomb Bunker > 2nd bedroom > on the bed
  • Teacher: Mysterious Mafia Base on the table in the library
  • Tyrant: Unmissable
  • Turnipchino: Mysterious Mafia Base
  • Home owner: Beat the game
  • Criminal: Complete the maze of Grim Graveyard
  • Turnip Boy: Berat Corrupt onion
  • Taxation with representation: Beat God Onion boss
  • Winner: In the top right near Bustlin Barn, simply pick it up.
  • Destroyer of the world: Descend the ladder all the way down in the Mafia Hideout and go to the backmost room > Hitthe nuclear bomb three times
  • Conductor: Beat the Conductor on the Limitless Line for the first time
  • Passenger: After beating the game, get on the Limitless Line and lose
  • ???: Board the Limitless Line and play through until you come across a character simply named ???

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