Unsolved Case Episode 3 Walkthrough

Unsolved Case Episode 3 Walkthrough

Last Updated on 28 April, 2023

Unsolved Case Episode 3 Walkthrough – Complete and step-by-step guide to the third chapter or episode of the Eleven Puzzles & Adrian Olczyk game, so you can complete it from start to finish

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Unsolved Case Episode 3 Walkthrough

100% Walkthrough Episode 3 by Pynza

A steel mill was destroyed by a huge explosion that killed and injured hundreds of people. The business was unable to recover from this setback and was forced to close, leaving people without jobs. The media labeled it a “unfortunate accident” because there had not been a comprehensive inquiry. Is this actually true? You, a seasoned investigator, are to discover the solution. The more you learn about the steel mill’s mysteries, the more you come to understand that while the firefighters put out the fire in the structure, it still burned in some former employees’ hearts. That kind of blaze can only be extinguished by one thing.

About Unsolved Case

As a police detective in the new game series, you will look into complex and complex crimes. This time, you need to learn how a well-known archaeologist passed away and who benefited from his passing. It turned out that the victim had his own secrets, and those secrets had a terrible impact on what had occurred. Be very cautious since the criminal has gotten quite near to the investigation, is observing the investigators, and is prepared to strike once more.

Every challenge in the game requires you to use creativity to find the perfect goods and use them properly. You can only advance in the plot and achieve quest objectives in this way. Use the hint if necessary, and frequently scan the area map to avoid getting lost. Choose any of the game’s difficulty settings for a comfortable passage.

The screenshots display an already expanded image, thus the tour won’t point out the necessity to zoom in on a particular location. Known as HOPs, hidden object puzzles are games. The choices made by the HOP are not explained in this tour. It merely displays the HOP’s position and the associated inventory item. You will be presented non-randomly produced puzzle answers. Please read the descriptions provided in-game for each task.

In this game, you may occasionally need to click on a different scene before interacting with an existing one in order to start a conversation, cutscene, or quest. Move between locations quickly by using the Map. The dialogue options you select in the game might change how the game plays, so always make thoughtful decisions.

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