Unturned Polaris Devastator Parts Location

Unturned Polaris Devastator Parts Location

Last Updated on 13 January, 2023

Unturned Polaris Devastator Parts Location – Barrel, Receiver, Engine, Mechanical Lotus and Blowtorch locations

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Unturned Polaris Devastator Parts Location – Recipe

To craft the Devastator you will need:

Polaris Devastator Barrel + Polaris Devastator Receiver + Polaris Devastator Engine + Mechanical LotusBlowtorch = Polaris Devastator

The hardest part is the three parts of the Devastator (Receiver, Barrel and Engine) but below we explain how to find them all

Parts locations

  • Receiver: Rare drop from Intelligence zombies
  • Barrel: Rare drop from Megas, at least the Evergreen Mega and the HAZE Mega drop it
  • Engine: rare drop from airdrops
  • Mechanical Lotus: Recipe = Cyan Crystal + Polaris Rose + Copper Coll
    • Cyan Crystal: Kill an Observer (drop)
    • Polaris Rose: scattered across the map on hills
    • Copper Coll: Medical locations
  • Blowtorch: random drop (not very rare) in Construction locations

It shouldn’t take you long to get a Blowtorch and a Mechanical Lotus. But the Devastator parts are rather rarer. To give you an idea we got the Engine in the 10th Airdrop, and Airdrops are already quite rare

Devastator and rest of the Weapons Ids

In case you prefer to cheat, here we leave you the ID of the Polaris Devastator, and that of all the weapons in the update

  • 36400 Devastator
  • 36002 Grenade Launcher
  • 36124 Moses
  • 36125 NP553 “Baal”
  • 36139 M349 “Penumbra”
  • 36150 F-11 “Fälscher”
  • 36331 Crossbow
  • 36335 Merlin
  • 36336 Herdsman
  • 36337 Herd
  • 36451 NP9 “Kinnie”
  • 36465 SSB “Niku”
  • 36516 NP663 “Bruteforce”
  • 36519 Antique Moses
  • 36528 Flare Gun
  • 36534 N4 “Walnut”
  • 36557 K30 “Krizzy”
  • 36558 B18 “Block”
  • 36559 N200 “Brenter”
  • 36563 Bow
  • 36564 JK47 “Grill”
  • 36565 B50 “Instructor”
  • 36566 NP5 “Rattlesnake”
  • 36567 NP5 Suppressor
  • 36568 B1 “Blicky”
  • 36569 NP3 “Grit”
  • 36570 Sman
  • 36594 F-11 “Fälscher” [Black]
  • 36595 M349 “Penumbra” [Black]
  • 36596 K30 “Krizzy” [Black]
  • 36597 N4 “Walnut” [Camo]
  • 36598 N200 “Brenter” [Camo]
  • 36599 NP9 “Kinnie” [Camo]

Unturned Polaris Devastator Parts Location – Video Guide

We have not found any guide on Youtube for the locations of the parts. But we’re leaving this section here because we’ll add it as soon as it’s out. Sometimes it is easier to get an idea by watching a gameplay, although in the gameplay they do the same thing that has been explained previously in our guide

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