Vade Retro Exorcist – Beginners Guide (February 2023)

vade retro exorcist

Last Updated on 30 January, 2023

Vade Retro Exorcist -For Vade Retro: Exorcist players, this guide provides some basic tips every player should know when playing all classes and demons.

Vade Retro Exorcist – Demon

Here are some great tips to know when playing as a demon.

  • This may seem like a no brainer, but don’t attack in the first phase. You should move to stage 2 as soon as possible. You are very weak in the first stage.
  • If you have an NPC during setup, find and follow another NPC. Once set up, use it.
  • In phase 2, attacking is ok, but try to get 1 kill from phase 3 ASAP.
  • Once you get 1 kill from stage 3, that’s the hard part. To take full advantage of your invulnerability, find NPCs and set up camp. Once the exorcist finds you, they will panic and try to blow you up, but will kill the NPC. Boom, you can blow up as many of them as you can.
  • If you don’t kill all the exorcists in the third stage of invincibility, you have to have a lot of tactics. Try combining stealth with turning off the lights. When you find the exorcist, use the attack. If there’s more than one, knock them out, using both attacks at the same time.
  • t’s going to be very tough, but you can do it.

Vade Reto Exorcist – All exorcists

  • Stay together. This is crucial if you want to win.
  • Do not kill NPCs at will. This counts towards the demon’s phase transition. However, if you are tactical, it can give you an advantage. If you somehow know that the demon is only one kill away from phase 3, kill an NPC and hide. This will rid the demon and you will most likely survive.
  • To easily find the demon in the first stage, head to the NPC. If they turn their heads to look at you, they are a normal NPC. If it doesn’t, and you keep looking in the direction it’s moving, you’ve found the demon. This is much easier than killing NPCs indiscriminately.
  • If you have a microphone, use yours. This is much easier than typing in chat.


Here are some tips you should know if you choose to be the priest:

  • Priests are the strongest attackers. You should grab orbs, staffs, telekinesis, armor, psychic blasts, and holy water. Dash is pretty much useless unless you’re a wimp.
  • You should do the most damage, and the nurse should try to protect you. Demons should attack you first because you are the strongest.
  • See the demon first with a stick. Then bullets, then mindbursts, and then just do whatever you want.
  • If the demon is in stage 3, use the upper armor.
  • Telekinesis should be used when you expect to be attacked but the demon is not around.
  • You should always be on top of the demons and on missions.


Here are some helpful tips you should know if you decide to be the engineer.

  • Grab blower, emp bomb, lazer pointer thing, dog clicker (if not enough xp then do motion censor), remote controlled car, and camera.
  • You’re special ability is fixing generators twice as fast.
  • You should also be trying to attack demon and doing tasks, but if the lights go out, go fix them.
  • If you see the demon, throw EMP, then lazer, camera, then whatever you want after.
  • Car should be used whenever available. Best places to put them are in doorways and stairs.
  • Dog should be on patrol at all times.


  • You should take a healer (use a syringe if you don’t have enough XP), syringe gun, slow potion, anti-invisibility potion, shield gun, and medkit.
  • You can save and heal NPCs and players twice as fast, making you a support class.
  • This class has only 2 actions, Syringe and Water Gun.
  • When you encounter a demon, you should shoot the shield at the priest.
  • When you find a fallen NPC and your party, heal the rest of the party while they fight the demon.
  • When you see a demon, throw a potion of slowness, followed by a potion of anti-invisibility.
  • Protect the priest and shoot. Healing machines should be placed in common locations such as frontlines or spawn points.
  • Medikits should be scattered around the map.


  • Change your magic key bindings to number keys, it’s much easier.


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