Valkyrie Elysium Verdant Blossom Locations

valkyrie elysium verdant blossom locations

Last Updated on 5 December, 2022

Valkyrie Elysium Verdant Blossom Locations – Find out in this article all the locations of the verdant blossoms.

The player’s choices in Valkyrie Elysium’s Chapter 9 largely decide the true conclusion, but the only way to get there, is by through collecting all nine Verdant Blossoms.

Unlike the Hollow Blossoms that players encounter throughout the game, Verdant Blossoms must be collected in order to understand their significance.

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Valkyrie Elysium Verdant Blossom Locations – Chapter 3

They appear as tiny, glowing green dots on the map. Near the initial save location beside the bridge is where the first encounter takes place. Only Chapter 3 sees the emergence of Verdant Blossoms.

It is very easy to find because it is situated in the middle of the bridge. Players can move on after a lengthy cutscene is triggered by picking it up. Approximately halfway through Chapter 3, after all foes in the chapel have been vanquished, is where you can find the second Verdant Blossom.

Players of Valkyrie Elysium must climb the stairway and turn around before speaking with Armand in the side chamber. Players will want to explore the chambers on the second floor after navigating the small floor area.

A treasure chest is in one room, and the Verdant Blossom is in the other. A player can retry the required Chapter to get a Verdant Blossom if they miss it the first time. Players must repeat the Chapter and are not permitted to go back to Valhalla once they have acquired the Verdant Blossom they missed; otherwise, they will not be given credit for doing so. The Verdant Blossoms are unaffected by a player’s rank after finishing a Chapter.

Valkyrie Elysium Verdant Blossom Locations – Chapter 4

You can find the first Verdant Blossom not long after the Chapter starts. Players of Valkyrie Elysium must head right and descend the stairs from the second save point. The terrace facing the water will house the first Verdant Blossom.

Near the end of the chapter, in the castle, is where you can find the second Verdant Blossom. Players must use the stairs to navigate around the closed-off room. The player can only see this Verdant Blossom on the map if they are on the same floor as it right now.

Valkyrie Elysium Verdant Blossom Locations – Chapter 5  

There will only be one Verdant Blossom every Chapter, and side quests will no longer involve them. The Verdant Blossom is found towards Chapter 5’s end after killing the chapter’s boss and enlisting Kristoffer.

Take a left turn onto a little side area towards the top of the map. A chest can be found on the road to the left, while the Verdant Blossom can be found on the path to the right. In Valkyrie Elysium, players must use Kristoffer to cross the wall of darkness blocking their way.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6’s Verdant Blossom can be found just before the quest starts, in contrast to Chapter 5’s. A tower that is inaccessible is located close to Chapter 6’s opening. Iron bars are used to secure the first storey, and a lockable door is used to secure the second story.

Players can climb up to the ledge where a treasure is perched on top of one of the buildings as soon as they remove the flower blocking their way. The treasure includes a key that can be used to unlock the door of the structure housing the Verdant Blossom in Valkyrie Elysium.

Chapter 7

Verdant Blossom from Chapter 6 can be located early on, but because it is more than halfway through the assignment, getting it takes some time. Players of Valkyrie Elysium will know they are on the right track once they enter the castle and spot the Verdant Blossom’s map insignia. Players must go up and down floors to get around a closed door in order to reach the Verdant Blossom, same like with the second Verdant Blossom in Chapter 4.

In Valkyrie Elysium, players must first visit the upper area before making their way down to the lower level. The gate leading to the seventh Verdant Blossom can be unlocked by flipping a switch on the wall’s side.

Chapter 8

The eighth Verdant Blossom in Valkyrie Elysium is on the other side of a toxic lake, which poses a small puzzle for players. By pressing “L2,” you can access many crystals that are perched on ledges close to the water edge. The Verdant Blossom can be found on the other side of the lake after using a number of these crystals to get there. The Verdant Blossom can be obtained by using the same crystals, which can also be used to return.

Chapter 9

Only if all eight of the prior blooms have been acquired will the ninth Verdant Blossom show up in Chapter 9. Due to the chapter’s straightforward map, finding the final Verdant Blossom, which is situated in a little alcove, is rather easy.

All of the Verdant Blossoms’ messages are now accessible to players, and reading them triggers a cinematic.

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