Victory Belles Game

Victory Belles Game

Last Updated on 24 February, 2023

Victory Belles Game. Charming WW2 naval strategy game where players build an international fleet of powerful shipgirls. Over 160 ships to collect and explore.

Victory Belles Game

Victory Belles is a naval strategy game set during World War II. Players assume the role of a Captain tasked with building an international fleet of Belles to combat the Morganas, mysterious ghost ships that launch a worldwide attack on humanity’s navies.

Is a unique and charming addition to the world of naval strategy games. With its focus on Belles and their individual stories, the game offers a refreshing take on the World War II genre. Whether players are looking for a challenging naval battle or a heartwarming romance, Victory Belles has something to offer for everyone.

Over 160 ships to collect and explore, and unique stories to uncover, Victory Belles offers a refreshing take on the dark period of history. Join the growing community of fans and supporters and experience the cuter side of World War II.

The Belles

Belles are powerful shipgirls that have manifested from warships all over the world. Each Belle has a unique story to explore, adding depth and personality to the game. With over two million words of content, players can develop relationships with their Belles, whether it be friendship or romance.

The Gameplay

Players must keep their Belles repaired and outfitted with top-of-the-line gear, while also engaging in real-time naval battles with the Morganas. Victory Belles boasts over 160 ships to collect, each with its own unique abilities and advantages in combat. Players can also explore the Belles’ individual adventures, including fighting pirates and playing the black market.

The World of Victory Belles

Victory Belles is set during World War II, a time of great conflict and danger. However, the game presents a unique perspective on the war, bringing cuteness and charm to a dark period in history. Players can explore a variety of naval settings, from the coasts of America to the seas of Japan.

The Future of Victory Belles

Victory Belles is a constantly evolving game, with new content and updates added regularly. The game is developed by the independent studio, Warbirds Gaming, which is dedicated to creating immersive and engaging experiences for players. With a growing community of fans and supporters, the future of Victory Belles looks bright.

Victory Belles’ Beta Ends on February 15th 2023

After months of testing and feedback, Victory Belles’ beta program officially ended on February 15th, 2023. The developers, Warbirds Gaming, expressed their gratitude to the players who participated in the beta, providing valuable insights and suggestions that helped shape the game.

Warbirds Gaming is now focused on polishing the game for its full release. Victory Belles’ full version promises to be an immersive and engaging experience for players, with its unique combination of naval strategy and personal storytelling.

Players can look forward to exploring the world of Victory Belles, collecting powerful Belles, and engaging in intense real-time naval battles with the Morganas. The game’s charm and cuteness provide a refreshing take on the often-dark World War II genre.

Fans eagerly await the chance to set sail with their Belles and see what lies ahead on the high seas. Victory Belles’ full release promises to be an exciting event for naval strategy fans and fans of cute, personal storytelling alike.

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