Viet Nam Piece Map (2024)

Viet Nam Piece Map

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Viet Nam Piece Map – Full Map with all the islands and their NPCs, Fighting Styles, Weapons & swords, and Bosses

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Viet Nam Piece Map – Full Map

This is the map with all the islands and levels of Roblox Viet Nam Piece, if you want to see what you can find on each island, check the following sections


Viet Nam Piece Map – Islands

These are all the islands that you can see on the map, and what you can find on each of them: Bosses, weapons and swords, NPCs and fighting styles:

Starter Island – Level 1-50

  • NPC: Fruit Seller, Boat Seller, Reset Stats NPC, Skypea Teleporter
  • Fighting Styles: Water Style
  • Swords: Katana, Fake 3ss, Real 3ss, Death Scythe, Ultimate Sword
  • Bosses: Bandit Boss

Ice or Snow Island – Level 50-100

  • NPC:
  • Fighting Styles: Dragon Style
  • Swords: Gryphon Yoru v2 (inside a secret cave)
  • Bosses: Snow Boss, Shanks Boss

Sand Town Island – Level 100-250

  • Swords: Bisento
  • Bosses: Sand Boss

End Town Island – Level 550-900

  • NPC: Chidori Seller, Hamon Seller
  • Fighting Styles: Blue Combat Style, Hamon Style, Chidori Style
  • Bosses: Blue Fire Boss, Killer Boss, Big Man Boss, Flame User Boss

Skypiea Island:

  • NPC:
  • Fighting Styles: Superhuman Style
  • Swords: Yoru
  • Bosses: Skypiea Boss

Dark Island – Level 1350-2000

  • NPC:
  • Fighting Styles: God Combat Style
  • Swords: Yoru v3
  • Bosses: Dark user Boss, God Boss

God Island:

  • NPC: Johnny Joestar
  • Fighting Styles: Sniper Combat Style
  • Swords: Sando

Minhmeomeo Island – Level 900-1350

  • Fighting Styles: Godspeed Style
  • Swords: Minh Hammer
  • Bosses: Minhmeomeo Boss

Second Sea Locations

  • NPC: Air Cannon
  • Fighting Styles: Air Cannon Style
  • Swords: Kaido Mace
  • Bosses: Kaido Boss

This guide is a work in progress, if you detect that something is missing on an island and you want to collaborate, you just have to leave a comment, and we will incorporate the information you provide us into the guide

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