Wacky Wizards How to get Gems?

Wacky Wizards How to get Gems

Last Updated on 14 December, 2021

Wacky Wizards How to get Gems – Best methods to farm free & daily gems to buy Throw Potions, extra Save Slots or New Cauldrons

Earn up to 60 daily gems, 420 weekly gems, and 1800 monthly gems without spending real money

Also visit the Potions & Ingredients guides, the level rewards

Wacky Wizards How to get Gems – Daily Rewards

Gems: 10 to 15 daily gems

You will get gems every day that you connect and claim the daily rewards. So if you connect, don’t forget. And if you do not have much time, you just have to enter and claim, it is totally free and it will not take you even 2 minutes

Wacky Wizards How to get Gems – Help the Witch

Gems: 20 daily gems

Help Glinda, the witch, again, every day you do it you will get 20 gems and it will not take you long. You will have to collect the same ingredients as the first time, so knowing where they are should be quick and easy.

Wacky Wizards How to get Gems – Eye Delivery to Oz

Gems: 20 daily gems

The first time you give an Eyeball to Oz the wizard you will receive the Robux Ingredient, but from the second time you will receive gems

Find the Oz Wizard inside the hidden cave with green shrubs covering the entrance, near the tall tree lobby (Bird Ingredient)

Deliver an Eyeball to Oz and he’ll reward you with 20 gems daily. Mr Rich always drops a Cyclops eye, so defeat him and give it to Oz, the wizard

Defeat Mr Mega Rich

Gems: 10 daily gems

Another task that you can repeat every day, and for which you will get 10 daily gems. But be careful, Mr Mega Rich is a much more powerful version of Mr Rich

Mr Rich Spawns in the overworld every hour, check the timer near the waterfall. But some hours a day, randomly, Mr Mega Rich spawns instead of Mr Rich. Tip: Use the explosive Hot Potion: Dynamite + Chilli

Level Up your character

Gems: gems granted each level

You’ll get gems every time you level up, along with other rewards

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