What are Canned Enemies In Chained Echoes?

what are canned enemies in chained echoes

Last Updated on 4 January, 2023

What are Canned Enemies In Chained Echoes – In this post you will know what are the canned enemies and what are their main abilities. Read on to learn more about it.

RPGs commonly have classes or abilities that permit the acquisition of skills from foes. For instance, the Enemy Skill materia in Final Fantasy VII allows you to adopt particular moves from a restricted selection of creatures.

The same is true with Chained Echoes, which presents the idea of Canned Enemies. Enemies that have specific moves that may be learned by using the “Uncanny Encounter” skill are known as canned or cannable enemies. But what exactly are these moves, and how do they work?

What are Canned Enemies in Chained Echoes?

Tomke is a character you’ll meet in Chained Echoes. Tomke only knows one move because to his amnesia, which is Uncanny Encounter. No matter how many levels you give this guy, disregarding the terrible pun, he won’t get any new skills. In reality, employing Uncanny Encounter on specific foes is the only way to teach Tomke new skills. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you should only use this strategy once you’ve reduced these enemies’ HP to the bare minimum. If not, it might not work as intended.

Nevertheless, randomly attacking foes using Uncanny Encounter probably wouldn’t be helpful. Sincerably, that seems like a recipe for frustration and disappointment. So, here is a list of potential opponents to watch out for. If you encounter any of these, use Uncanny Encounter to discover their skill.

Enemy Name Ability Name Location
Adamant Crab Convert Arkant Archipelago
Alphoarn Run Aground Kortara Mountain Range
Ancient Turtle Sharing is Caring Flying Continent Shambala
Blemmyae Clap on the Back Magic Academy Nhysa
Boxfly Hard Swing Rohlan Fields
Croapier Rushing Anchor Narslene Sewers, via Ograne Grottos / Baalrut Tunnel
Golem Spinning Swirl Empyrean Ruins
Ice Devil Sailor’s Song Mount Rydell
Phantom Treasure Mark Magic Academy Nhysa
Saliva Freak Wave Rohlan Fields
Seahorse Knight Broken Accordion Leviathan’s Trench
Sewerdiver Sacrifice Narslene Sewers
Terror Terrier Cigarette’s Light Phyon Oasis
Titan Elemental ??? Kortara Mountain Range
Vin Know Your Limits Fiorwoods

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