Will You Snail Exploration Points Locations

Will You Snail Exploration Points Locations

Last Updated on 20 April, 2022

Will You Snail Exploration Points Locations – Find all (x46) Exploration Points with our guide with locations and tips

Will You Snail Exploration Points Locations – Full List

There are x46 Exploration Points to find, and these are all the locations. If you need help with any of the locations check the guide (next section)

  1. A01.1
  2. A03.1
  3. A10.1
  4. A10.2
  5. A21
  6. B02
  7. B03
  8. B03.1
  9. B04.4
  10. B16
  11. B18
  12. C01
  13. C01.1
  14. C02
  15. C03
  16. C11
  17. C14
  18. C17
  19. C18
  20. C19
  21. C20
  22. D01
  23. D02
  24. D03
  25. D03.1
  26. D04
  27. D05.1
  28. D06
  29. D06.5
  30. D09
  31. D10.1
  32. D13
  33. D18
  34. E02
  35. E03
  36. E03.1
  37. E04
  38. E05
  39. E06
  40. E06.1
  41. E10
  42. E15.2
  43. E19
  44. Level Select: Once crossing the Horizon once, you are able to go to the far right behind the door, use the the Glitch ability
  45. Secret Room: After the Credits from the Alternate Ending
  46. Spring Room: Once obtaining all 56 (actually 55) Springs, the door on the right will open


There are x3 achievements related to exploration points:

  • CURIOUS: Find one third of all exploration points.
  • EXPLORER: Find two thirds of all exploration points.

Will You Snail Exploration Points Locations – Video Guide

In this video guide, youtuber BevWeb gets you 46 Exploration Points in record time. Locate the one that interests you to know how to unlock it

About Will You Snail

Fast paced precision platforming. AI spawned traps. Cocky voice lines. Combat. Puzzles. Snails. Unicorns. A story about artificial intelligence and a dark secret to uncover.

The evil AI Squid tries to predict your movement a few seconds ahead of time and uses that information in an attempt to stop you from reaching the end of the level. Will you win that intellectual battle or will Squid find yet another reason to make fun of you?

A lot of levels in Will You Snail are relatively empty by default. The challenge comes from the interactions with the evil AI. You can change the difficulty at any time or let the game decide which one is the best one for you.

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