WimbleWorld Free Items

WimbleWorld Free Items

Last Updated on 26 July, 2022

WimbleWorld Free Items – Wimbledon Cap, 1880’s Racket & Sir Andy Murray’s Cap – How to unlock all the secret objects but for free in the game

In the WimbleWorld game there are exclusive and free items waiting for you, you just need to know how to unlock them, and for that we have prepared this guide. And in case you didn’t know, there are also promo codes, with which you can get gifts instantly

WimbleWorld Free Items – Wimbledon Cap

You have to find the 7 glowing tennis balls, these are their locations:

  • Wimbledon store (inside)
  • In fornt of the tradition gate entrance
  • Tennis court (back corner)
  • Jumbotron (underneath)
  • In front of the Jumbotron
  • Winbledon Stadium (in front)
  • In front of the Winbledon Queue

Rewards for collecting all 7: Wayfinder badge, Wimbledon Cap badge, and Wimbledon Cap item

WimbleWorld Free Items – 1880’s Racket

You have to reach level 4

To level up you have to get XP, and to get XP you just have to play tennis matches, win or lose you will get XP, and it won’t take you long to reach level 4

Rewards for reaching level 4: 1880’s Racket

WimbleWorld Free Items – Sir And Murray’s Cap

You have to participate in the Strongman Simulator x Wimble World crossover event, equip the trophy and cross the finish line 300 times

  1. You can access the crossover event from the Strongman Simulator portal inside the Wimbleworld game.
  2. Once you access, find the golden W on the ground
  3. Equip the trophy next to it (E key)
  4. And cross the finish line 300 times.

Rewards for reaching level 4: Sir And Murray’s Cap

If you discover how to get any other object that we have not included in this guide, leave us a comment and we will add it to this guide giving you credits

Strawberries & Cream Hat and Strawberries & Cream Tennis Bag

Buy them from the Wimbledon shop with in-game coins, if you need in-game coins just play tennis matches

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Explore Wimbledon this summer by stepping into WimbleWorld and play tennis on the hallowed grass of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Meet your heroes, collect coins and compete against friends at the most famous tournament in all of tennis!

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