Wizard of Legend Chaos Arcana

Wizard of Legend Chaos Arcana

Last Updated on 2 August, 2021

Wizard of Legend Chaos Arcana – All the Chaos Arcana ( Best Arcana full list) and their effects, also the methods to get them

Wizard of Legend Chaos Arcana – All

  • Absolute Finale (Signature): Orb of primal chaos > erases the first enemy, rest will take heavy damage instead
  • Arcane Intervention (Signature): teleports all nearby enemies into a chaos storm
  • Chaotic Buster (Signature): Charge up and release an unstable cluster of chaos orbs
  • Chaotic Echoes (Dash): Offensive barrier around you as you dash and Project two spectral copies of yourself
  • Dragon Fall (Standard): Chaos dragon to crash down from the skies
  • Chaotic Rift (Dash): Dash through a rift torn open by primal chaos
    Distortion Beam (Signature): Summon a beam of chaos energy
  • Gravity Onslaught (Standard): Lunge forward and strike all enemies a blast of graviton energy
  • Mark of Discord (Signature): Lance of chaos that calls down chaotic retribution
  • Mortal Coil (Signature): impale all enemies in a line with a spear of chaos and drag them to you
  • Null Flash Agent (Signature): Pair of agents that unleash a series of directed blasts
  • Null Parade (Signature): Cluster of chaos orbs that explode on landing
  • Phantom Brigade (Signature): Legion of Chaos Knights that rush forth and attack
  • Phantom Squadron (Standard): Legion of Chaos Lancers that take to the skies and crash down on enemies
  • Piercing Void (Signature): Field of void blades that rain down on foes
  • Ward of Chaos (Standard): Ward of chaos that lobs orbs of imploding energy at nearby enemies

Basic Chaos Arcana

  • Chaos Crusher (Basic): Chaotic rift to strike foes before compressing it and firing it forward
  • Chaos Reaper (Basic): Slice through enemies with a scythe made of Chaos energy (can be charged)

Wizard of Legend Chaos Arcana – How to Get

Chaos Arcana are rare and powerful, but there are some methods to get them:

  • Defeat Master Sura (Random)
  • Equip the Insignia of legend (Chaos Trials reward) and buy the chaos arcana in the Enhanced Arcana slot from the Arcana shop for 300 gold.
  • Reward of the Chaos Trials (Random)

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