Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Graces sets guide

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Graces sets

Last Updated on 21 March, 2023

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Graces sets guide – All the sets and how to get them – One of the best unlockables in the late game that we explain how to get

Grace sets are some of the game’s best strategies for both increasing damage output and fortifying your defenses, especially if you combine multiple items into a single set.

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, there are nine separate Graces sets, and acquiring individual pieces can be difficult enough without having to complete an entire set.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Graces sets – How to Get

There are no surefire ways to get Grace gear in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty; the only ways to get it are by farming and by pure luck. Another crucial point to remember is that items with Graces connected are only likely to appear after you’ve completed the game and launched New Game+. So it is a set that you can only get in the late game

Hence, once you’ve started a new playthrough, you’ll need to stack your build with Luck-heavy gear and modify your gear to raise your Luck as well. Then, take out quick and simple bosses while praying to the RG gods for gear drops.

Graces sets List

There are nine separate Graces sets, as we’ve already discussed, and locating them can be challenging. Below are the names of each set so you know what to watch out for. Also, getting one or the other set is completely random:

  • Principle of Lingbao – Grace of Lingbao Tianzun the Pure One
  • Principle of Yuanshi – Grace of Yianshi Tianzun the Pure One
  • Principle of Daode – Grace of Daode Tianzun the Pure One
  • Subtlety of Fire – Grace of Shennong the Red Emperor
  • Subtlety of Wood – Grace of Taihao the Azure Emperor
  • Subtlety of Earth – Grace of Xuanyuan the Yellow Emperor
  • Subtlety of Metal  Grace of Shaohao the White Emperor
  • Subtlety of Water – Grace of Zhuanxu the Black Emperor
  • Skyward Majesty – Grace of the Supreme Heavenly Emperor

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