World of Warcraft Classic Server Populations (2024)

World of Warcraft Classic Server Populations

Last Updated on 25 January, 2024

World of Warcraft Classic Server Populations – Game by Blizzard – Get insights into Alliance and Horde player distribution to optimize your gaming experience.

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World of Warcraft Classic Server Populations Player List

  1. Arugal – Alliance: 2,371 players, Horde: 8,161 players
  2. Ashkandi – Alliance: 671 players, Horde: 3,905 players
  3. Atiesh – Alliance: 7,319 players, Horde: 1,103 players
  4. Auberdine – Alliance: 4,803 players, Horde: 2,452 players
  5. Azuresong – Alliance: 28 players, Horde: 0 players
  6. Benediction – Alliance: 18,023 players, Horde: 33 players
  7. Bloodsail Buccaneers – Alliance: 976 players, Horde: 344 players
  8. Earthshaker – Alliance: 8,353 players, Horde: 32 players
  9. Everlook – Alliance: 8,803 players, Horde: 146 players
  10. Faerlina – Alliance: 16,050 players, Horde: 53 players
  11. Firemaw – Alliance: 11,524 players, Horde: 31 players
  12. Gehennas – Alliance: 67 players, Horde: 20,761 players
  13. Golemagg – Alliance: 2 players, Horde: 13,911 players
  14. Grobbulus – Alliance: 6,308 players, Horde: 6,609 players
  15. Lakeshire – Alliance: 5,589 players, Horde: 410 players
  16. Mandokir – Alliance: 721 players, Horde: 1,647 players
  17. Mankrik – Alliance: 142 players, Horde: 11,124 players
  18. Mirage Raceway – Alliance: 5,833 players, Horde: 2,361 players
  19. Mograine – Alliance: 0 players, Horde: 7,480 players
  20. Nethergarde Keep – Alliance: 2,353 players, Horde: 1,414 players
  21. Old Blanchy – Alliance: 2,560 players, Horde: 1,232 players
  22. Pagle – Alliance: 12,852 players, Horde: 39 players
  23. Pyrewood Village – Alliance: 10,607 players, Horde: 169 players
  24. Razorfen – Alliance: 1,435 players, Horde: 4,343 players
  25. Remulos – Alliance: 1,719 players, Horde: 33 players
  26. Sulfuras – Alliance: 116 players, Horde: 3,601 players
  27. Sulfuron – Alliance: 1,671 players, Horde: 5,188 players
  28. Transcendence – Alliance: 0 players, Horde: 14 players
  29. Venoxis – Alliance: 43 players, Horde: 12,153 players
  30. Westfall – Alliance: 4,790 players, Horde: 66 players
  31. Whitemane – Alliance: 58 players, Horde: 15,365 players
  32. Windseeker – Alliance: 1,639 players, Horde: 1,647 players
  33. Пламегор – Alliance: 5,810 players, Horde: 10,713 players

Please note that for certain servers, information is not available and thus has not been included in this list.

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Navigating the World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is a significant aspect of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming scene. It takes players back to the days when the game first launched, letting them enjoy the base game in its original glory. The Classic iteration of WoW allows you to relive the experiences of the earlier versions and prepare for the upcoming expansions.

Importance of WoW Classic Server Populations

The WoW Classic player base may not be as vast as the main MMO, but it’s essential to choose a server with a substantial player base. Knowing the server populations will guide you to where you should play, optimizing your gaming experience.

Understanding Server Population Numbers

By examining server population numbers, you can determine the right environment for your WoW Classic experience. For example, you might prefer a smaller, more intimate community, or you may want the hustle and bustle of a server teeming with thousands of players.

Sources for Server Population Numbers

The population numbers for WoW Classic are derived from, a reliable source for such data. While these numbers aren’t official, they provide an accurate estimate of player distribution across the servers and the dominant factions in each server.

When does Honor Reset in World of Warcraft Classic?

For those invested in PvP gameplay, the reset of honor points is a key event. This reset generally happens during the weekly maintenance of the servers. However, the exact timing can change, so it’s always important to keep an eye on official Blizzard announcements.

Unavailable Server Population Information

You’ll notice that not all server data is available. Certain European and Chinese servers are not included due to data constraints. We aim to keep this guide as comprehensive and current as possible and will update the list as soon as new data becomes available.

Choosing Your Server in WoW Classic

Choosing a server in WoW Classic can be a daunting task. With the provided server populations, you can choose the environment that suits your preferences, be it a low-population server for a more personal experience or a high-population one for a vibrant, active community.

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