YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide

Last Updated on 1 November, 2021

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all endings, complete all the routes, and learn how to get the cheat code

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Route 1

  • Check the call history
  • Get zappy
  • Be friends
  • Give it to Miyuki
  • Stop her ( Route 1 good end) or Let her do it ( Route 1 bad end)
  • Get zappy
  • Let her down (dead end) or Help her believe (to Continue playing)
  • You will end with Miyuki

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Route 2

This is the Aoi route

  • Check the call history
  • Get zappy
  • Be friends
  • Give it to Aoi
  • Don’t give up
  • Don’t give up
  • The mobile game
  • Play the game
  • Sneak into the school
  • Search for my dreams
  • Chase after Eru
  • Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • Talk to Aoi
  • Aoi herself
  • Promise
  • Take this as a sign
  • Tell me the truth
  • Aoi is lying
  • I love you

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Route 3

This is the Miyuki route

  • Check the call history
  • Throw it
  • You are
  • No
  • Right click (Menu) > Restart
  • Yes
  • Check the correct answers after Route 3 walkthrough
  • Continue Miyuki’s route
  • Raise Miyuki’s affection points
  • Hang out with Miyuki
  • Have S with Miyuki
  • Protect Miyuki
  • Love Miyuki
  • Forget Aoi
  • Stay in the appartment
  • Save my memories with Miyuki
  • Adapt to the new world

Random Events

  • Holding hands on the way to school > Move closer
  • Male friendship vs female friendship > Ask about Haru
  • Lunchtime on the roof > Tea
  • Rehearsal > Kiss her
  • A sweet treat > You sure you won’t get fat? > Definitely
  • A date at Catnip > A photo frame > There’s two?
  • At the bookstore > Cooking 101
  • Showdown at the batting cages > I want Miyuki
  • Second time, only once > I want Aoi
  • After a certain event, this choice will be added to this part > Do it in cosplay / Do it at school
  • A mysterious cardboard box… Leave
  • Study session (First time) > Mess with it > Go through her address book > Place a phone call > No
  • Study session (First time) > Mess with it > Go through her photos
  • Cutting class > Skip with her
  • Happy birthday! > I always hoped things would turn out like this > Comfort me
  • Rooftop cleanup > I agree
  • After enough batting cage scenes
  • I want to
  • What’s for dinner? (First time) > Let’s order takeout
  • What’s for dinner? (First time) > I’ll cook this time > Kick her out > The small bag
  • At the corner store > Hold hands
  • After the loop > I love you > Run off with Miyuki > Call
  • Second time out of the loop > Take her phone > Go through her address book > Unlock via security questions.

Random Miyuki Answers

  • Why did I get rid of my old phone?
  • How many weeks has it been since we started living together?
  • Which of these do I hate the most?
  • When we order takeout, what do I prefer?
  • Back when I was in kindergarten, what did I want to be when I grew up?
  • What’s my signature pitch?
  • How do I view friendship between women?
  • Which one of these have I been wanting for a while?
  • What did I recently buy at Catnip?
  • What’s my specialty dish?
  • What’s my favorite fragrance?
  • Why do I like cats?
  • What book did I add to my secret collection recently?
  • What’s my best pitching form?
  • What sort of blackmail photo did I take of Shinichi?
  • Which of these do I like the most?
  • How do I calculate sales tax?
  • What is the title of the play I wrote?
  • What sport do I hate the most?
  • Why don’t I like to hold hands in public?
  • What did Shinichi cook for me back when we were kids?
  • What detour do we usually make on the way to school?
  • Which of these is my favorite ice cream?
  • What’s the name of the protagonist in the play I wrote?
  • How do I react when someone asks me about my weight?
  • What’s my limit on geeky video game merch?
  • What’s my theory behind why Schrodinger chose a cat for his thought experiment?
  • Why do I like photos?
  • Why do I love this town?
  • What’s the one school subject I’m actually bad at?

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Cheat Code

The cheat code is different for every player, and you need 3 numbers to get it:

  • God’s number: it’s random, so remember it, should be something like this 999-0514-0514 (11 digits)
  • Your code: find it on the first page of the manual
  • Number of times you have kissed Miyuki: If you are not sure you can find the number in her diary or also in the backlog

Cheat Code =  God’s number – Your Code + Miyuki Kisses

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    • I think you’ll have to finish Miyuki’s route first, after the game title page changes into night, should be able to get it

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