Zenkai Origins Map

Last Updated on 13 February, 2023

Zenkai Origins Map – high resolution map and what you can find in each location (NPCs, Quests, enemies and more

Zenkai Origins Map – Full Map

Click on the map to enlarge and you can see it in high resolution

Full Map

Source: Zenkai Origins Trello

In case you have questions about what to do or where to go, in the next section you can get an idea. We also recommend which areas to visit first, by the level of the enemies, and by the amount of things you can unlock

Zenkai Origins Map – Locations

What can you find in each location?

  • Forest: It is the spawn point, where you will start to play, there you can find Chichi, who will give you your first mission
  • Kame House: After the Forest, you should complete the missions that Master Roshi will give you in this location
  • Korins Tower: After Master Roshi’s quests you should complete Korins’s quests, find Korin, the cat, in the tower
  • Kamis Lookout: After Korin’s quests you should complete Kami’s quests (you will learn to meditate), you will also find Mr Popo here
  • Diablo Desert: It is an area with enemies from level 22 to 26, where you can also find Victor and Ryan
  • Satan City: It is an area with enemies from level 23 to 30, where you can also find Sharpner and the Police Officer for quests
  • Pilaf’s Castle: An area with giatn mushrooms
  • West City: Here you can find Bulma (at the Capsule Corporation)
  • East City: An area with enemies from level 35 to 40, the Dying civilian will give you daily quests
  • Central City: You can buy new clothes and a scouter in the shop, there are also tons of quests and enemies around level 70
  • World Martial Art Tournament
  • Baba palace

Under Development

  • Yunzabit Heits: Under development
  • Cell Games: Under development
  • Unknown Island Remains: Under development

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