3on3 Freestyle Characters guide

3on3 Freestyle Characters guide

Last Updated on 29 December, 2021

3on3 Freestyle Characters guide –  All the Characters (Legends), their nick names, positions, strengths, skills and more

3on3 Freestyle Characters – Centers

  • Big Joe – Big Hand: Center > Fabulous dunk skills and unblockable shot skills
  • Jimmy – Selfish Attacker: Center > Offensive center with unstoppable skills (solo plays under the basket)
  • Christa – Wall Star: Center > The best defensive baller, specialized in block skill
  • Luther – The Tank: Center > Offensive center focused on dominating under the basket like a tank
  • Bigdog – Big Ballerino: Center > Playmaker that excels under the basket and also at passing
  • Lee – Dr Big Shot: Center > Scoring rebounder with accurate mid range shots
  • Clarke – Flying Dunkman: Center > Long range dunks and plays under the basket
  • Camila – IASO: Center > Tower type center with a variety of attack routes and pass abilities

3on3 Freestyle Characters – Power Forwards

  • Deacon – Out of Control: Power forward > Defensive power forward specialized in foul play and rebound
  • Fei – Miss Stylish: Power Forward > Offensive forward with dunk skills and piercing power
  • Max – Barnacle: Power Forward > He marks and pursues his target
  • Murdock – Rim Guardian: Power Forward > Defensive forward specialized in contesting enemy shots
  • Lulu – The BreakThrough: Power Forward > Aggressive with fast drives and mid range shots

3on3 Freestyle Characters – Small Forwards

  • Jack – The Fixer: Small Forward > Aggresive block ability and high jump shot ability using steps
  • Saru – Naughty Dog: Small Forward > Hyper offensive with piercing and shot skills
  • Rebecca – Miss Fabulous: Small Forward > Strong offense who can break in and hit jumpers
  • Carter – The Spider: Small Forward > Balanced forward with marking and passing ability
  • Amanda – Point Maker: Small Forward > Highly skilled in making accurate mid range shots
  • Joey – Air Joey: Small Forward > Offensive forward with strong layups and precise mid range shots
  • William – Mr Fade Away: Small Forward > Proficient in defense & offense with strong dribble skills

Shooting Guards

  • Noah – Persona: Shooting Guard > Explosive attack power under the rim and outside the 3-point line based on a brilliant dribble
  • Nadia – Perfectionist: Shooting Guard > All round shooting guard with diverse attack and defense skills
  • Walker – Octopus: Shooting Guard > Scorer with fake out skills and potent mid range shots
  • Jason – Flying J: Shooting Guard > Offensive guard with amazing jump and dunk skills
  • Rin – Swift attacker: Shooting Guard > specialized in making open chance by high speed and cute shooting motion
  • Kim – Miss Sniper: Shooting Guard > specialized in shooting, can also shake off opponents
  • Carolina – Faithful Baller: Shooting Guard > Limitless stamina, fancy dribble skills and decep`tive layups
  • Fred – Fake Master: Shooting Guard > Balanced guard with adept fakes and shooting skills

Point Guards

  • Ayla – Conmander: Point Guard > Fascinating and fun Pass skills
  • Mika – Love Love Neko: Point Guard > Powerful passes and buffs
  • Ginger – Flying Squirrel: Point Guard > Opportunistic point guard witn dribble and pass skills
  • Little Fox – Super Sonic: Point Guard > Defensive guard with speedy defense and passes pave the way for offensive plays
  • Professor – Legendary Handles: Point Guard > Dribbler that schools people with his signature dribbling skills
  • Helena – Basketball Mozart: Point Guard > Excels in directing its team through assists and steals
  • Cindy – Two face guard: Point Guard > Balanced guard with passing and accurate shots
  • Pedro – Diving Thief: Point Guard > Defensive guard with quick feet and swift steals

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