Acquiring Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand

Acquiring Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand

Acquiring Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand. How to obtain the Red Dragon Empress unit through Portals and maximize your chances.

Acquiring Red Dragon Empress in Anime Last Stand

Fellow gamers! Are you on a quest to snag the epic Red Dragon Empress unit in Anime Last Stand? Taking cues from the iconic Rias Gremory from High School DxD, this powerhouse unit can be yours if you navigate through the game with precision, especially through the mystical Portals. Here’s your ultimate guide to adding this gem to your collection:

Venture Into Portals

Dive into the exciting world of Anime Last Stand and make your way through the intriguing Tier 5 and Secret Portals introduced in the game’s thrilling Update 2. Conquer these challenges, and you’ll unlock the coveted opportunity to recruit the fierce Red Dragon Empress.

Crack the Drop Rates

Want to boost your chances of scoring the Red Dragon Empress? Tier 5 Portals offer a 3% chance, while the elusive Secret Portals shine with a 4% drop rate. Keep in mind, this exotic unit, standing tall as the final of the Exotic units, comes with the lowest drop rate.

Maximizing Chances

For those aiming to up their game and secure the Red Dragon Empress, buckle up for some intense grinding in Tier 5 Portals. And there’s a glimmer of hope as you might just stumble upon a Secret Portal, offering a shot at claiming Yuta.

Gear up, gamers! By diving deep into Anime Last Stand and mastering the art of Portal conquests, you’re set to elevate your gameplay and seize the majestic Red Dragon Empress unit. Game on!

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