Add Friends in BTS World – Share Wings

Add Friends in BTS World

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

In this guide we will explain you how to Add Friends in BTS World, how to delete friends and how to send / receive Wings

Add Friends in BTS World – Steps

Tap the black “+” button in the main page, then choose “Friends” and you have two options:

Add Facebook Friends

You can add your Facebook´s friends directly from the tab.

If your friends don’t play the game, or you don’t have enough, there are several BTS World Facebook’s groups where you can find tons of active players, so don’t be shy, you need friends to get Wings.

Add Friends using Player Codes

You can find The player ID or Player Code in the Profile Avatar. So tap the profile avatar (top of the screen, where the player name and level are) and copy the code.

Once you have your friends code, go to the friends menu > Add Friends tab and paste the code there.

Accept a Friend Request

From the Friends menu you can accept one individual request, but you can also accept all

Add Friends in BTS World – Delete a Friend

You can have up to 50 friends, but if they don’t share wings with you daily maybe is better to change friends:

From the friends menu, go to the friends list, find the friend you want to delete and tap X at the top right of his / her avatar.

Add Friends in BTS World – Share Wings

You can send and receive 1 wing per friend daily, so up to 50:

Send Wings

Tap the black “+” button in the main page, then choose “Friends and:

  • Send 1 Wing: Find a friend avatar and tap the black button (bottom of the profile)
  • Send all the wings at once: Tap the Send to all button

Receive Wings

Go to the inbox (top right of the main screen) and then to the Friends tab

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