How to get Free Gems in BTS World?

Free Gems in BTS World

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

If you don’t want to pay for gems, check our guide about How to get Free Gems in BTS World, the premium currency in the Netmarble´s game

Gems don’t work like Wings, your friends can’t send you gems and you won’t get them just for playing. So we provide you the free methods to farm gems:

Free Gems in BTS World – Quest

One of the rewards once you complete one quest are gems. So keep playing and completing quests to earn this premium currency

Free Gems in BTS World – Daily Login

As usually happends with Netmarble games, there are daily login rewards. You can claim some gems some random days, but for example the 14th day rewards you with 100 gems. So don’t forget to login every day, even if you don’t have time to play.

Events & Training Missions

The Training Missions or the Events have allways great rewards, so don’t forget to check the current event and complete the training mission.

Free Gems in BTS World – 3 Stars

Every chapter has rewards, but the rewards are better if you clear the chapter with 3 stars. So replay every chapter untill you get the 3 stars.


Some achievements give gems as reward, so check every achievement and if you need some gems, try to complete them

Daily Missions

You won’t get too many gems from one Daily Mission. But at the end of the week the amount of gems you can earn if you complete them all it’s really worth it

Of course you can buy the gems and it would be faster, but you don’t need a guide for that. And of course there are mods and hacks, but we are not going to recommend you something that would put your account in danger. And there is no need, as you can see there are enough methods to obtain them simply by playing

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