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afk arena best team

Last Updated on 6 October, 2023

AFK Arena Best Team (Team Building Guide) – Build the best team in AFK Arena, with this team building guide that we offer you. 

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AFK Arena Best Team – Best Team For Campaign & PVE

The following teams (Labyrinth, King’s Tower, Peaks of Time, and Voyage of Wonders) are the best for campaign and PvE in the AFK Arena.

Team 1

  • Talene (Top Frontline)
  • Rowan (Bottom Frontline)
  • Ezizh (Bottom Backline)
  • Mehira (Middle Backline)
  • Elijah & Lailah (Top Backline)

The strongest version of the usual god comp strategy is this late- to late-game team.

The quick energy recharge from Rowan, Elijah, and Lailah is what makes this team so powerful because it enables Ezizh to quickly cycle between his talents and prevent the adversaries from using ultimate abilities.

Additionally, this squad possesses a lot of health regeneration, which is boosted by Rowan, Elijah, and Lailah’s energy regeneration.

This team is often used by top AFK Arena players who have progressed far in the campaign.

Team 2

  • Eirron (Top Frontline)
  • Zolrath (Bottom Frontline)
  • Lorsan (Bottom Backline)
  • Lyca (Middle Backline)
  • Gwyneth (Top Backline)

For the remainder of PvE and the late/end game campaign, this burst team is also quite powerful.

The burst comp here aims to quickly burst down the other team in contrast to the god comp strategy, which depends on holding the enemy off and sustaining throughout a battle.

As a result, this team has many amazing burst heroes like Eironn and Lorsan.

The heroes’ complement active skills make this team powerful as well. Due to the fact that all of the team’s heroes have AoE skills, Eironn, Gwyneth, and Lyca can push or gather enemies together to do more damage as a team.

Additionally, Zaphrael is frequently used on teams instead of Gwyneth.

Team 3

  • Elijah & Lailah (Top Frontline)
  • Rowan (Bottom Frontline)
  • Saurus (Bottom Backline)
  • Tasi (Middle Backline)
  • Lyca (Top Backline)

The focus of Saurus’s position on this late-game team is stacking him.

To help sustain Saurus, enhance him, and allow him to gain stacks so he can deal a ton of damage, this team features three support heroes.

Saurus is the star of this team, but Lyca also has a decent amount of damage, as well as some helpful buffs and defensive reduction.

AFK Arena Best Team – Best Team For PvP

Here is the top PvP team in the AFK Arena.

Team 1

  • Elijah & Lailah (Top Frontline)
  • Albedo (Bottom Frontline)
  • Ainz Ooal Gown (Bottom Backline)
  • Rowan (Middle Backline)
  • Ezizh (Top Backline)

This late-to-end-game PvP team is a variation of the powerful god comp you frequently see in PvE.

The difference in this setup is that Ainz Ooal Gown, one of the most efficient damage dealers in AFK Arena and Albedo, has mostly taken the place of crowd control and healing.

Albedo’s presence on the team will help Ainz be sustained even more because, while he is on the field, her shield gives him priority, making him the star of this team comp.

This PvP team has a great balance of crowd control/sustain and high damage output.

Team 2

  • Arthur (Top Frontline)
  • Talene (Bottom Frontline)
  • Ainz Ooal Gown (Bottom Backline)
  • Mortas (Middle Backline)
  • Albedo (Top Backline)

The majority of late-game PvP teams revolve their strategy around Ainz, just like this one does.

This team’s strategy is to keep Mortas alive for as long as possible so that he can use his buff, so Ainz’s damage output is greatly increased.

The goal for the rest of the game is to help Ainz with shields, healing, and damage reduction in order to keep him alive.

Team 3

  • Alna (Top Frontline)
  • Ferael (Bottom Frontline)
  • Lucretia (Bottom Backline)
  • Silas (Middle Backline)
  • Athalia (Top Backline)

With Athalia taking off the enemy backline heroes as its main point, this is a more evenly matched PvP team for late/end games.

The rest of the team provides various forms of support, such as Silas’ healing and Alna’s speed boost.

Ferael controls enemies with a lot of crowd control as Lucretia’s damage over time steadily degrades them.

Overall, a strong, evenly-matched PvP team that is clear of Dimensional heroes, allowing you to assemble it even without Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo.

AFK Arena Best Team – Best Team For Guild Hunt

The best teams for the bosses in the Guild Hunt in the AFK Arena are listed here.

Team 1

  • Belinda (Top Frontline)
  • Saurus (Bottom Frontline)
  • Elijah & Lailah (Bottom Backline)
  • Rosaline (Middle Backline)
  • Lorsan (Top Backline)

One of the strongest teams you can create in the game is this Guild Hunt team.

With assistance from Elijah & Lailah, Rosaline, and Belinda, Saurus, Belinda, and Rosaline deal out the lion’s share of the damage.

A lot of damage will be done by Lorsan as well, though not as much as Belinda, Rosaline, and Saurus.

You need Belinda’s furniture, which increases her Divine Light skill’s damage output by 30%, to make this team as effective as it possibly can be.

Team 2

  • Saurus (Top Frontline)
  • Rosaline (Bottom Frontline)
  • Elijah & Lailah (Bottom Backline)
  • Mortas (Middle Backline)
  • Raine (Top Backline)

Similar to the last team, this one for Guild Hunt is also extremely powerful.

It is similar to the last squad in that Saurus, with Rosaline’s assistance and support from Elijah and Lailah, will be the main source of damage.

But with this team, Mortas and Raine have taken the role of the two damage dealers, giving amazing boosts that increase Saurus and Rosaline’s damage output.

AFK Arena Best Team – Best Team For Twisted Realm

The top teams for the Twisted Realm in AFK Arena are shown below.

Team 1

  • Saurus (Top Frontline)
  • Grezhul (Bottom Frontline)
  • Mehira (Bottom Backline)
  • Daimon (Middle Backline)
  • Elijah & Lailah (Top Backline)

One is solely determined by which factions engage in combat, whilst the other is influenced by the mix of factions on your team.

The majority of factions are forced to deal 25% more damage to another faction while also absorbing more damage from a third faction under the first phase of the faction advantages system.

Additionally, there are special factions that deal and suffer 25% more damage from other members of the same faction than from other members of any other faction.

Here is a summary of how the faction advantage system affects each faction.

  • Lightbearers deal 25% extra damage to Maulers and take 25% extra damage from Graveborns.
  • Maulers deal 25% extra damage to Wilders and take 25% extra damage from Lightbearers.
  • Wilders deal 25% extra damage to Gravesborns and take 25% extra damage from Maulers.
  • Graveborns deal 25% extra damage to Lightbearers and take 25% extra damage from Wilders.
  • Celestials deal 25% extra damage to Hypogeans and take 25% extra damage from Hypogeans as well.
  • Hypogeans deal 25% extra damage to Celestials and take 25% extra damage from Celestials as well.
  • Dimensionals are unaffected by factions, which means that they don’t deal extra damage to any faction nor take extra damage from any faction.

Particularly if you have a big amount of heroes from, say, the Lightbearers faction and you are up against a team of Graveborns, the damage buff heroes receive from this can make the difference between victory and defeat.

As a result, when building your team, consider the faction makeup of both your allies and your enemies.

We have seen some gamers succeed when they have a large number of heroes from the same group, although of course this increases danger.

The faction team buff is the second component of the faction advantages system.

Every single hero on your team receives a buff if the number of heroes from the same faction on your team reaches specific requirements.

The various compositions required to unlock each buff are shown here.

  • 3 Heroes of the same faction on your team gives +10% ATK and +10% HP.
  • 3 Heroes of the same faction and 2 heroes of another faction on your team gives +15% ATK and +15% HP.
  • 4 Heroes of the same faction on your team gives +15% ATK and +20% HP.
  • 5 Heroes of the same faction on your team gives +25% ATK and +25% HP.
  • Celestial heroes can count as either Graveborn, Lightbearer, Wilder, or Mauler.
  • Hypogean heroes don’t affect the above-listed compositions. Instead they give buffs dependent on the number of Hypogeans on the team. (1+ = +30% Defense, 2+ = +25% Energy recovered when injured, 3+ = +15% Crit Rating, 4+ = +30% Critical Strike Damage, 5+ = +15 Haste)

As you can see, by meeting the prerequisites for the buffs stated above, you can give your team a fairly useful buff.

As previously said, it’s generally not worthwhile to choose an extreme faction bonus at the expense of a top-tier hero.

Balance of roles

Building your team in AFK Arena requires you to take into account the many roles that heroes can play.

The three general classes used by players are:

  • Attackers
  • Tanks
  • Support

The following are the actual hero roles or classes in the game:

  • Tanks
  • Warriors
  • Rangers
  • Support
  • Mage

Attackers include rangers, mages, and the majority of warriors, while supporters include support heroes and tanks, of course.

A team made up only of support heroes would have a lot of utility but enough damage output to ever defeat most teams, therefore you need make sure your team has a balance of the three general positions.

We’ve discovered that the majority of the best players deploy one support hero in the center of the backline, one tank hero in any position on the frontline, and three attacker heroes in the other three locations.

This is obviously a pretty broad generalization because many incredible and successful teams have been shown to use more support heroes, no tanks, etc.

Synergy between heroes

It’s hardly surprising that there are so many interesting and powerful synergies between the game’s many distinctive heroes.

When two or more heroes on your team work well together, the result is a potent combo or increased damage output.

We’ve gathered some examples below to give you an idea of how these synergies can appear in the game:

  • Eironn using his active skill to pull enemies into Safiya’s barrier to reduce enemies’ haste and attack while increasing your own heroes’ attack.
  • A hero like Hendrik to push enemy frontline heroes to the enemy backline for Gwyneth to also hit them with her backline-arrow attack.
  • Ezizh using his skill Horrify to silence enemies from using their active skill with the help of energy-regening heroes like Elijah & Lailah, and Rowan.
  • Life leeching heroes paired with Khasos, who boosts the life leeched by allies.

You can explore a lot of other synergies in the game.

If you decide to use a specific hero combo or synergy on your team, we advise you to build your team around it rather than simply adding it to an existing one.

Many of the top players in AFK Arena look for game-altering synergy to counter certain popular team setups in the final match, showing their potential value.

More tasks AFK Arena

The single most important task in AFK Arena is building the perfect team, a task you’ll be working on the whole time.

Building the greatest team can easily turn into a hard challenge with the game’s total of 90 unique Legendary and Ascended heroes, each with their own set of skills and many elements to take into account.

We’ve put together this guide to provide guidance on crucial factors to take into account and the best team-building tactics for the early/mid, late/end game in AFK Arena.

For Guild Hunt, PvP, PvE, Campaign, Twisted Realm, and Abyssal Expedition, we’ve also gathered examples of real AFK Arena teams made by top players of the late/end game.

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