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Last Updated on 29 November, 2023

AFK Arena Tier List – This is our META AFK Arena Tier List for the best heroes for playing in the middle or end of a game’s content.

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AFK Arena Best Heroes Ranked (Patch 1.95)

Rank Hero
S+ Raku, Ainz, Alna, Scarlett, Lucretia, Mishka, Haelus
S Awake Talene, Eironn, Lyca, Oden, Grezhul, Zaphrael, Mehira, Ferae, Rowan, Thoran, Awake Brutus, Leonardo, AwakeThane, Khazard, Elijah & Lailah, Zolrath, Daimon, Silas, Kren, Astar
A Merlin, Arthur, Orthros, Ezizh, Talene, Tasi, Rosaline, Skreg, Raine, Lorsan, Pippa, Prince of Persia, Albedo, Ezio, Melusina, Morael, Skriath, Saurus, Athalia
B Granit, Hodgkin, Izold, Joker, Morrow, QUEEN, Estrilda, Respen, Tali, Tidus, Baden, Titus, Treznor, Alaro, Awake Ezizh, Desira, Fane, Framton, Mezoth, Flora, Gwineth, Safiya, Nemora, Vyloris, Audrae
C Antandra, Brutus, Belinda, Cecilia, Zikis, Eluard, Isabella, Kaz, Wu Kong, Nakoruru, Nara, Kelthur, Leoric, Warek, Peggy, Hendrik, Gorvo, Numisu, Vurk, Oscar, Ukyo, Theowyn, Thesku, Walker, Saveas
D Anoki, Drez, Fawkes, Khasos, Torne, Satrana, Seirus, Shemira, Solise, Lucius, Rigby, Ulmus, Thane

AFK Arena Tier List – Game Tips And Strategies

In a battle, you should normally employ positions 1 and 2 for tanks; whereas 3 through 5 for back-line adjustments. In these positions, add damage controllers and other support classes.

You can replace a tank with Shemira, a damage dealer in the frontline, by using another support class or even a backline tank. This gives you the ability to mix up your lineups and use different classes on the front, middle, and backlines.

Even if you start off with average A or B heroes, most players can quickly rise through the late game to become S tier or even S+.

Although it might take some time to get there, the end-game content usually provides enough S+ and S heroes to form a strong team. Additionally, you should keep in mind the advantages and team synergies from fighting for your factions when forming teams.

It’s recommended that you frequently alternate between team configurations so you can quickly change strategies.

We hope this AFK Arena ranking tier list helps you progress further in the game and improves your rankings.

Despite this list being considered bulletproof, it should be noted that some heroes can have issues performing optimally once they’re used.

About AFK Arena

Here’s a short description and recommendation for AFK Arena, a great game everyone should play.

A mobile phone game created by Lilith Games almost sitting around being played is available for both iOS and Android.

This game is a gacha-style RPG that involves obtaining new heroes by rolling soulstones or scrolls. If you don’t like the concept of gacha games, this one might not be for you. However, it’s a well-made game that’s easy to play as a free-to-play player.


As with any type of Tier List, please don’t take it too literally. Some of these heroes will perform better or worse depending on where you are in the game and what level they are in.

However, in general, this AFK Arena Tier List was created for late to late game PvE and PvP content, and also assumes that every hero has leveled up and has their signature weapons and pretty much the best available equipment.

Meaning of the AFK Arena Tier List Ranking

S+ Tier is the highest rank a hero can earn. S+ Tier heroes are literally too powerful and should be prioritized when leveling up. They have abilities that can turn a fight by themselves, making them one of the best picks in AFK Arena Heroes.

S-Tier AFK Arena Heroes – Not as powerful as level S+ heroes, but still better than level A heroes in every way, and are fantastic units in every team.

Best AFK Arena units are slightly superior to Tier A units. These characters still provide good utility and can handle most tasks. They just aren’t as powerful as the best ones. So don’t sleep on these characters!

B-Tier AFK Arena Heroes – These are the average tier heroes in AFK Arena, they’re not that bad, but they’re not that great either, but can still be used well in this situation.

C-Tier AFK Arena Heroes – These heroes are not suitable for general content (especially endgame), but they are useful in context. For example, Thesku can easily become an A-Tier in PVP.

D-Tier AFK Arena Heroes – We don’t think you should really use these characters, maybe if you’re just starting out, of course… go on. Otherwise, you should only use these heroes as materials to level up better heroes.

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