Alchemy Stars Tier List – November 2022

Alchemy Stars Tier List

Last Updated on 2 November, 2022

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Fire, Forest, Thunder & Water – Best characters ranked from Tier S (the Best) to tier D (the worst)

Also check the Alchemy Stars Codes List, and the Reroll guide

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Fire

Best Fire characters ranked from Tier S (the Best) to tier D (the worst):

  • S Tier: Reinhardt, Giles, Rouge, Novio, Sinsa, Eicy, Jona, Charon, Uriel, Victoria, Frostfire, Smokey, Gram, Genevieve
  • A Tier: Rinne, Cordy, Barbara, Faust, Istvan, Maggie, Brock, Patty & Patsy, Nails, Tiny One
  • B Tier: Momo & Anzu, Brock, Chandra, Regina, Leona, Alice, Reggie
  • C Tier: Chainsaw Rick, Pepi
  • D Tier: Benny and Curo, Joanie Boom, Sork & Bekk, Taki

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Forest

Best Forest characters ranked from Tier S (the Best) to tier D (the worst):

  • S Tier: Barton (Deft Blades), Yao, Siobhan, Nikinis, Pact, Sikare, Odi, Areia, Hiiro, Migard, Mythos, Beryl, Pasolo, Uriah, Louise, jeno
  • A Tier: Naroxel, Lenore, Robyn, Sylva, Cuscuta, Dawn, Wendy, Gabriel, Casta, Heidy
  • B Tier: May, Lester, Clover, Dove, Jola, Ophina
  • C Tier: Jomu
  • D Tier: Leah

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Thunder

Best Thunder characters ranked from Tier S (the Best) to tier D (the worst):

  • S Tier: Florine, Tessa, Beverly, Revy, Eve, Gronru, Irridon, Michael, Wrath, Bonacie, Luke, Amemori, Ciel, Pollux
  • A Tier: Erica, Dayna, Schwartz, Mia, Nemesis, Vivian, Kafka, Pittman
  • B Tier: Ansia, Lilliam, Nadine, Rabbie, Keating, Hachi & Gin
  • C Tier: Eho, Amy
  • D Tier: Angel, Unimet

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Water

Best Water characters ranked from Tier S (the Best) to tier D (the worst):

  • S Tier: Regal, Barton, Bethel, Raphael, Sharona, Carleen, Chloe, Bethlehem, Sariel, Fleur, Kleken, Philyshy, Ruby, Kayano, Fia
  • A Tier: Vice (Keen Sight), Allura, Kuma & Pengy, Hydrad, Vice, Rainbow
  • B Tier: Constantine, Tweety, Jane, Michenny, Ms.Blanc, Noah, Connolly
  • C Tier: Corax, Korgon
  • D Tier: Seleucid, White Dwarf, Zoya, Judge Jr.

Tiers Explained

  • S Tier: The best of the best
  • A Tier: Above the average
  • B Tier: Average
  • C Tier: Below the average
  • D Tier: The worst

Reroll Guide

The best method to reroll in Alchemy Stars is to use salt emails with a Gmail email adress, so:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Tap on the Register now button
  3. Enter the salt email address (add a dot in the email addres. For example your mail is [email protected], but give a salt email, something like this [email protected]
  4. Tap the verification code button
  5. Check your email
  6. Go back to the game, enter the verification code, register your account and start playing
  7. If you don’t like what you receive:
    1. Settings > sign out
    2. Repeat the previous steps with another salt email

About Alchemy Stars

Our team of 150+ talented artists have proudly illustrated each and every Aurorian character with extensive detail. Watch the characters come to life through exciting battle animations and breathtaking concept designs.

Unique Characters, Bursting With Personality¡

  • Vice: Member of the Illumina Federation. Gentle, intelligent, diligent, and enthusiastic.
  • Carleen: Lumo Gardens Captain. Born into a noble family, she possesses a strong sense of justice.
  • Istvan: Leader of Umbraton. Easygoing yet decisive. Loyalty is of the utmost importance to him.
  • Kleken: The notorious trickster of Umbraton. Capable of lying without batting an eye.
  • Sinsa: The blunt and energetic leader of the Rediesel Wrench. He lives a carefree life with his many comrades.
  • Bethlehem: The ruler of Northland, possessing the composure to handle any matter with grace.

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