All 1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes (2023)

All 1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes

Last Updated on 3 January, 2023

All 1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes – Online free and multiplayer soccer game – Unlock teams, features, new balls and more

All 1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes – Cheat Codes

These are all the cheats or cheat codes available:

  • AllSowsAme – Redeem code to both be the same team
  • beSaChbAll – Redeem code to Replace football with a beach ball
  • bOwliSbaLl – Redeem code to Replace football with a bowling ball
  • floSATball – Redeem code to Unlock wall feature
  • flyiSgmoDE – Redeem code to Unlock the fly feature
  • loWgraSiTy – Redeem code to Unlock low gravity
  • SpeEdItuPp – Redeem code to Give permanent speed boost
  • teNniSbaLl – Redeem code to Replace football with a tennis ball
  • thEbeAtleS – Redeem code to Unlock The Beatles as a team
  • thERStoNes – Redeem code to Unlock The Rolling Stones as a team

All cheats have unlimited uses, although you are only interested in using money cheats more than once, and basically means that you can get infinite money by repeating the cheats as many times as you want. Playing is super simple the controls are the left and right arrows, along with the up arrow to jump. Although if you play two players, the second will play with the A (left), D (right) and W (jump) keys. The key is to measure the jump and movement times well, nothing that cannot be achieved with a little practice

Expired codes

These are all the expired codes, if you try to redeem one of them, it won’t work:

FAQ – How to use Cheat Codes

These are the steps to use cheat codes – name change:

  • Launch 1 on 1 Soccer in your browser
  • Click on the cheats menu
  • Enter any of the provdided codes and press enter
  • The reward will be unlocked immediately, so enjoy these cheats

1 on 1 is an online and free game. In this game you’ll have to score more goals than your rivals. You can either face another player or select the Computer box at the start.

All 1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes – Video Guide

In case you have any questions, we leave you this LiamWitterick video guide. In it you will see how to use cheats, and how to use them in your games, it’s super intuitive, but it never hurts to see some examples, and if it can be from gameplays, better

Also you can check other Code List, if you play any of these games

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