Apeirophobia Level 7 Code

Apeirophobia Level 7 Code

Last Updated on 23 January, 2023

Apeirophobia Level 7 Code – Computer Color Codes, Find the Orbs and figure out the code – All the steps to open the locked door

The computer code and colors change randomly for each player, but the logic to achieve this is always the same. So we are going to explain how to get your code and complete level 7 in order to access level 8

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Apeirophobia Level 7 Code – Steps

Computer Color Codes

The first thing you have to do is identify which number corresponds to each color. For that you only have to locate the computer screen and in it you will be able to see the numbers and the colors. We think the numbers are always the same, but check it out

  • Red – one
  • Yellow – five
  • Green – two
  • Blue – three
  • Grey – four
  • orange – seven

Find the Orbs

This is the part of the code that varies from game to game. You must collect all the orbs that are in the room. There will be balls of three colors only. When you finish go back to the computer and you should be able to get your code

The Code

It is a 6-digit code, and we explain how to get each digit

  • 1st digit: Number of balls of the lowest priority
  • 2nd digit: lowest priority color value
  • 3rd digit: number of intermediate priority balls
  • 4th digit medium priority color value
  • 5th digit: Number of balls of the max priority
  • 6th digit: max priority color value

Example: If there are x3 red balls (1), x5 yellow balls (5) and x2 orange balls (7), the code will be 315527

When you have it, enter it on the computer screen. If you get an error, it is either because you are missing a ball, or because you are not doing it correctly. If it works, it will give you another 4-digit code to the right of the code you entered. Use that code to open the locked door

Apeirophobia Level 7 Code – Video Guide

In case you have doubts, we leave you this video of Toxic Jim in which you can see how he ended up getting his code

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