Archero Hero Evolution Guide

Archero Hero Evolution

Last Updated on 29 September, 2022

Archero Hero Evolution Guide – Evolution bar, Star level bar, Evolution Chips, Hero Shards and everything you need to know to unlock new stats & perks for your hero

Archero Hero Evolution Guide – How it works?

You probably know hoy to level up your hero, but this guide is about the new system to evolve your hero added in the 2.3 update

Now if you visit your hero profile you will see two tabs, the upgrade and also the evolution (the new) tab

Go to the evolution tab and check that now you can unlock improvements in stats, unique or exclusive perks for each hero, and you can also unlock exclusive stats

If you don’t see the evolution tab is because you need to be at least player level 30 to unlock evolutions.

So, what do you need to evolve your hero:

Archero Hero Evolution Guide – Coins, Chips & Shards

There are 3 different coins to evolve:

Coins or Arrows

You will always need coins or arrows because is one of the to currencies to fill the evolution bar, and also to fill the star level bar

How to farm Coins or arrows to evolve?

Just playing but make sure to activate the boost before you start playing. And also watch all the adds you can during your gameplays

Evolution Chips

Evolution chips are the currency to fill the evolution bar, and you can use them on any hero

How to farm Evolution Chips to evolve?

Like coins, just playing, you will get them in Normal mode, Hero mode and also in Desert Ghost event. Ads don’t help, so just play and play

Hero Shards

Hero Shards are the currency to fill the star level bar bar. But you need the hero shards of the hero you want to evolve, so hero shards are hero exclusive, and harder to get

How to farm Hero Shards to evolve?

You can’t farm hero shards. You need to buy them with gems (daily offer) or with soulstones (Desert Ghost event store)

So, you need to farm gems and soulstones if you don’t want to spend real money

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