Archero Tier List – Weapons, Abilities, Hero & Equipment

Archero Tier List weapon ability hero equipment

Last Updated on 15 August, 2022

Welcome to the Archero Tier List – we will show you the best Weapons, Abilities, Hero & Equipment ( Armor, Pet, Ring, Bracelet & Locket)

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Archero Tier List – Weapon

Tier SS

BrightSpear: 120% Damage & also 95% Attack Speed, highest projectile speed

Stalker Staff: 100% Damage & also 115% Attack Speed, Knock Back and Homing Projectiles

Tier S

Tornado: 80% Damage & also 100% Attack Speed, Big Hitbox and Knock Back. Is the favourite weapon among the players

Tier A

Death Scythe: 145% Damage & also 85% Attack Speed, Big Knock Back and Big Hitbox

Tier B

Saw Blade: 80% Damage & also 150% Attack Speed, very fast but weak

Tier C

Brave Bow: 100% Damage & also 100% Attack Speed, the inicial weapon and also the worst of the game

Archero Tier List – Abilities

Tier SS

Extra life, Multishot, Front Arrow, Rage, Slow Projectile, Ricochet, Attack Speed Boost, Invincibility Star, and also Wingman

Tier S

Bouncy Wall, Crit Master, Attack Boost, Dodge Master, Agility, Piercing Shot, Diagonal Arrows, HP Boost and also Dwarf

Tier A

Headshot, Fire Strike, Toxic Strile, Bolt Strike, Shield Guard, Rear Arrw, Poison Touch, Botl and also Blaze

Tier B

Strong Heart, Grace, Frost Strike, Side Arrows, Fire Circe, Bloodthirst, Freeze, Poison Circle, Holy Touch and also Fury

Tier C

Chiling Blast, Bolt Circle, Ice Circle, Fire Sword, Poison Sword, Summon One Eyed Bat and also Shadow Clone

Tier D

Death Nova, Ice Sword, Bolt Sword, Giant, Smart, Death Bomb, Spirit Blaze, Spirit Poisoned touch, Spirit Bolt, Spirit Freeze, Through the Wall, Blazing Star, Frost Star, Toxic Star, Bolt Star, Spirit Multi Shot, Spirit Front Arrow, Spirit Diagonal Arrow, Spirit Attack Boost, Spirit Crit Boost, Spirit Attack Speed, Water Wlker, Blazing Meteor, Frost Meteor, Toxic Meteor and also Bolt Meteor

Archero Tier List – Hero

Tier SS

Sylvan: Unique Ability – Elemental Attack, Max HP – 600 and also Attack – 160

Helix: Unique Ability – Fury, Max HP – 620 and also Attack – 125

Meowgik: Unique Ability – Meowspirit, Max HP – 550 and also Attack – 135

Tier S

Phoren: Unique Ability – Inferno, Max HP – 500 and also Attack – 130

Tier A

Rolla: Unique Ability – Frost, Max HP – 500 and also Attack – 170

Tier B

Taranis: Unique Ability – Thunderstorm, Max HP – 550 and also Attack – 130

Bonnie: Unique Ability – Dark Shadow, Max HP – 600 and also Attack – 150

Tier C

Onir: Unique Ability – Aurora, Max HP – 650 and also Attack – 140

Urasil: Unique Ability – Venom, Max HP – 550 and also Attack – 120

Tier D

Atreus: Unique Ability – , Max HP – 600 and also Attack – 150

Archero Tier List – Equipment

Tier S

Armor – Vest of Dexterity: +7% Dodge & +20% Redheart Healing Effect & also Lightning Splash enemies

Pet – Laser Bat: The Laser penetrates walls

Ring – Serpent Ring: +Damage to Ranged Units

Bracelet – Frozen Bracelet: Freezes enemies when entering a new room

Locket – Angel Locket: Revive & also Invincible when dying

Tier A

Armor – Golden Chest Plate: +5% Damage resistance & +20% Redheart Healing Effect & also Flame Damage enemies

Pet – Scythe Mage: Throws a scythe

Ring – Bear Ring: +Damage to Ground Units

Bracelet – Blazing Bracelet: Burns enemies when entering a new room

Locket – Agile Locket: + Dodge if HP<20%

Tier B

Armor – Phantom Cloack: +10% Projectile resistance & +20% Redheart Healing Effect & also Freezes & Damage enemies

Pet – Living Bomb: AoE Damage and also slows enemies

Ring – Falcon Ring: +Damage to Air Units

Bracelet – Split Bracelet: Spawns shadow clones when entering a new room

Locket – Bulletproof Locket: – Projectile Damage if HP<20%

Tier C

Armor – Void Robe: +10% Crash Damage resistance & +20% Redheart Healing Effect & also Poisons enemies

Pet – Elf: Fastest attack speed and also high DPS

Ring – Wolf Ring: +Damage to Melee Units

Bracelet – Thunder Bracelet: Lightning Damage when entering a new room

Locket – Iron Locket: – Collision Damage if HP<20%

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