Archvale Achievements Guide

Archvale Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 17 November, 2022

Archvale Achievements Guide – All the achievements and guides (step by step tutorials and video guides) to unlock them all

Check the full list section for the achievements list and descriptions, check the solutions section for tutorials to unlock them all

Archvale Achievements Guide – Full List

  • Humble Beginnings: Find the village of Timberwell.
  • It Begins: Die.
  • Vigor: Own 8 hearts.
  • Feeling Healthy: Collect all Heart Containers.
  • Restorationist: Repair 10 fountains.
  • Fruity Concoction: Obtain an improved healing recipe
  • Nectar of the Gods: Obtain the best potion recipe
  • Bottle Collector: Collect all healing flasks
  • Trial Novice: Complete your first trial
  • Trial Master: Complete every trial
  • Collector: Complete half of your badge collection
  • A Complete Set: Collect every badge.
  • Star Athlete: Perform five consecutive dashes without stamina recharging
  • Belongs in a Museum: Cash in 10 treasures.
  • Master Crafter: Craft 30 items.
  • This Will Do: Fully upgrade a weapon
  • Fortune: Store over 10000 gold in the bank
  • Combat Expert: Defeat 1000 enemies.
  • Slayer of Slime I: Defeat the Great Slime
  • Hammered Down: Defeat Mongo
  • Ghost Buster: Defeat the Ghost Crab
  • Wispbane: Defeat the Soul Serpent.
  • Exterminator: Defeat the Queen Duneworm
  • Slayer of Slime II: Defeat Frankenslime
  • Arena Victor: Complete the Arena Challenge
  • Beneath the Kingdom: Enter the Twisted Caverns
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Destroy the vine barrier blocking Tanglegrove
  • Reject Humanity: Equip a shark cap and mermaid tail
  • Unburnt: Survive the ritual of the Molten Rift
  • The Fallen Pharaoh: Defeat the Fallen Pharaoh
  • The Exiled Wizard: Defeat the Exiled Wizard
  • Maxilla: Defeat Maxilla.
  • The Grove’s Blight: Defeat Groveblight
  • The Rotted King: Defeat the Rotted King
  • Architect: Rebuild the gateway to Archvale.
  • The Banished Executioner: Defeat the Banished Executioner
  • The Sunken Queen: Defeat the Sunken Queen.

Secret Achievements

  • Well Read: Assemble the Arch Lexicon.
  • The Ultimate Blade: Obtain Avarn’s Sword
  • The Old King: Defeat the Old King

Archvale Achievements Guide – Solutions

  • Humble Beginnings:
  • It Begins:
  • Vigor:
  • Feeling Healthy:
  • Restorationist:
  • Fruity Concoction:
  • Nectar of the Gods:
  • Bottle Collector:
  • Trial Novice:
  • Trial Master:
  • Collector:
  • A Complete Set:
  • Star Athlete: Just keep dashing into some water with LT
  • Belongs in a Museum:
  • Master Crafter:
  • This Will Do: Currently Bugged
  • Fortune: Currently Bugged
  • Combat Expert:
  • Slayer of Slime I:
  • Hammered Down:
  • Ghost Buster:
  • Wispbane:
  • Exterminator:
  • Slayer of Slime II:
  • Arena Victor:
  • Beneath the Kingdom:
  • Welcome to the Jungle: Get Avarn’s Sword in the fire Kingdom and deal enough damage to the green target dummy ball
  • Reject Humanity:
  • Unburnt:
  • The Fallen Pharaoh:
  • The Exiled Wizard:
  • Maxilla:
  • The Grove’s Blight: main boss of the Jungle area
  • The Rotted King:
  • Architect:
  • The Banished Executioner: main boss of the fire Kingdom, get the Avarn’s Sword after beating him
  • The Sunken Queen: main boss of the Ocean Kingdom
  • Well Read:
  • The Ultimate Blade: After beating the Banished Executioner in the top right fire Kingdom, you will go up and the sword will be sitting lodged in stone before you exit the Dungeon
  • The Old King:

Well Read Achievement guide

Find the required Ingredients (The Rift Codex, The Brinkreef Codex and The Tanglegrove Codex) and use them in the anvil

The Rift Codex

External image

The Brinkreef Codex

External image

The Tanglegrove Codex

External image

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