Atelier Online Codes – Updated 2024

Atelier Online Codes

Last Updated on 3 April, 2024

Atelier Online Codes – Redeem these codes and claim tons of freebies, in-game currencies, consumables and other free & exclusive rewards

Atelier Online Codes – Full List

Valid Codes

  • HNrunhbuyztu: Redeem this code and get some freebies
  • 3gxwhk5h: Redeem this code and get some freebies
  • kolwwmzw9bj: Redeem this code and get some freebies
  • kol59kvbrh3: Redeem this code and get some freebies
  • koldnts54vr: Redeem this code and get some freebies
  • kol42jfatwt: From Youtuber LegionzGaming
  • kolpg4r69n3: From Youtuber Linda Sassen
  • g3jbn3zm: From official Boltrend Youtube channel
  • 3h875psn: From official Boltrend Discord
  • kol27pfzch7: From Youtuber KingsKey
  • 9wgc3zg6: From official Boltrend Facebook
  • kolx22us4vs: From Youtuber TannerOfTheNorth
  • kol4r6czmu5: From Youtuber Scion Storm
  • kol8jubrfr3: From Youtuber Nyxed
  • kolwzyp6fhy: From Youtuber VanXs Game On!
  • kolsgwqmmxj: From Twitter user DPU Wumbariin
  • kol4j3fugnh: From Youtuber JB Sprinkles
  • kole7feenkt: From article on NoisyPixel
  • kolb32q8sun: From Youtuber Borkono Gaming (July 9)
  • kolsr2p2uwn: From Youtuber Mango Seven (July 9)
  • koluszfx5k7: From Youtuber Clint Wulf (July 9)
  • kols8kyttee: From Youtuber Steparu (July 9)
  • kolzcje6bux: From Youtuber Tarks Gauntlet (July 9)
  • koldnts54vr: From Youtuber The Weeb Lounge (July 9)

We will add new codes to the list as soon as the creators of the game release them

If you know any other working code please leave us a comment so we can add it to the list

Expired Codes

There are currently no expired codes

Atelier Online Codes – How to Redeem?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

  1. Tap the Other menu (Upper right corner of the main screen, to the right of the gift)
  2. Once in the new menu, Press the code button
  3. Enter the codes and redeem them
  4. To claim the rewards:
    1. Close & re-enter the game
    2. Tap the gift button (Upper right corner of the main screen, to the left of the other menu)

Atelier Online Codes – How to Play?

The Atelier series comes to mobile, celebrating its 20th anniversary! The free-to-play adventure role-playing game combines the features of the previous Atelier series with online play and co-operation mode.

Popular as your favorite characters: Characters such as Rorona and Marie from the previous Atelier series are joining the game to interact in a never-seen-before story! Atelier fans will love this storyline.

Explore the Bressisle island: The elements and monsters on the island will appear based on the weather and daytime. Players can also explore the island with up to 3 friends in the online cooperative multiplayer mode.

Synthesize different ingredients: The specialization in alchemy is about finding, collecting, and combing items in recipes to create better items to advance further in the game.

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