Atelier Sophie Best Gifts

Atelier Sophie Best Gifts

Last Updated on 19 August, 2021

Atelier Sophie Best Gifts – Improve your friendships giving the best gifts to each character (Monika, Cory, Pamela, Oskarr, Leon, Julio, Fritz, Harol, Tess, Logy, Elise..)

When you go up to a named person with an Event tree, including your PC’s, you can give them a present instead of talking to them normally. Use the Square button instead of the usual X button. This may not be available immediately in the plotline.

Atelier Sophie Best Gifts – How to give gifts?

Progress the story up to a certain point. When you unlock the feature the game will teach you how to give gifts. Once done, just walk up to someone and press square

Atelier Sophie Best Gifts – Full List

These are all the characters and their best or favourite gifts:

  • Monika: Simple sweets
  • Cory: Milk
  • Pamela: Simple Sweets & Fruit
  • Oskarr: Most plants & fertilizer, but he likes soil.
  • Oskarr’s mother: fresh fruit.
  • Leon: Cloth (you find on the map.) But check he smiles on the item you are going to give before giving it
  • Julio: Wonder stimulant (green bottle)
  • Fritz: Thread
  • Elise: Books and paper
  • Horst: Alcohol
  • Harol: Ore
  • Logy: Ores & Metal (Weapon Material)
  • Tess: Simple Sweets

But of course you can try other gifts…

How to find out the best gifts?

Raise friendships, just do events (when they talk to you and there’s dialog) Or progress the story. Recipe ideas in the menu and “events”. Just drop by and visit them occasionally. Eventually it triggers conversations. If an item has a smile on it. It’s what they like.

How do you get thank you gifts?

Try resting a lot at the atelier or just keep reloading after saving in the atelier. Eventually, there will be a mysterious knock on your door. Will you open it? The choice is yours..

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