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ATOM RPG Companions

Last Updated on 22 December, 2021

Welcome to the ATOM RPG Companions guide, where we will provide you the locations to find them and the requirements to recruit them

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About Companions

  • Are immune to: Addicion, Toxic and also Radiation
  • They help you: Fighting during combat and carrying items
  • Best weapons: The companions do their best with burst fire weapons
  • Equipement: Equip them with Stimulants, food of chem buffs if you want them to use them during combat

ATOM RPG Companions – Fidel

Where to find Fidel? At El Pollo Loco, a bar in Krasnoznamenny

How to Recruit Fidel? You have to tell him the password

ATOM RPG Companions – Dzhulbars Dog

Where to find Dzhulbars Dog? in a random encounter, but requires at least level 40 in Survival Skill

How to Recruit Dzhulbars Dog? You have to give him his collar, you will find it in his master’s corpse. But requires his master to die

ATOM RPG Companions – Hexogen

Where to find Hexogen? in Red Fighter, inside of a house

How to Recruit Hexogen? You have to Kill all the enemies, but if you attack any of the rabbits Hexogen will become hostile.

ATOM RPG Companions – Alexander

Where to find Alexander? in Red Fighter, you have to refill the generator & complete the rest area house upgrade

How to Recruit Alexander? Pass the 6 Personality check

Galina Batory

Where to find Galina Batory? At Peregon, at the entrance to the tent camp. But you have to choose the correct answer when talking with the band or group Death

How to Recruit Galina Batory? You have to give her the cut off ear of the old chief Roma Death

Keep in mind that Fidel and Hexogen will leave the squad once you recruit Galina Batory


Where to find Gyulchatai? In Thug Fortress

How to Recruit Gyulchatai? You have to kill her captors and take her to Krasnoznamenny

If you take her to Krasnoznamenny tavern and you dismiss her, return after one day and she will be working as a cook

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