Best Cooking Games on Mobile A Delicious List

Best Cooking Games on Mobile A Delicious List

Last Updated on 9 March, 2023

Best Cooking Games on Mobile A Delicious List. Discover the best cooking games on mobile and satisfy your appetite for fun! From spooky Halloween Cooking Games to adorable Animal Restaurant, explore our list of culinary classics, unique food-based fantasies, and more. Indulge in some delicious entertainment and start playing today.

Best Cooking Games on Mobile A Delicious List

Are you a fan of cooking, munching? We’ve compiled a list of the best cooking games on mobile. From classic culinary simulators to unique food-based fantasies, these games are sure to make your mouth water and your thumbs tapping.

Halloween Cooking Games

Google Play / App Store

Let’s start with a Halloween-themed cooking simulator that’s sure to give you the chills. With over 175 Halloween-themed dishes across more than 26 food trucks and 13,000 levels, Halloween Cooking Games is a perfect boredom buster for anyone, any time of year. Prepare, cook, and serve up everything from puking pumpkins to spooky shakes while being visited by ghoulish characters like witches, vampires, werewolves, and more.

Cooking Mama: Cuisine!

Apple Arcade

The classic cooking game has arrived on Apple Arcade, and it’s better than ever. Chop, bake, and stew your way to becoming the best chef in Cooking Mama: Cuisine! With regular content updates, this game always has something new to offer. It retains its signature intuitive controls, making it easy to play on the go, whether you’re swiping your fingers to chop ingredients, dragging them to the pot, or tapping away to your heart’s content.

SpongeBob: Cooking Fever

Google Play / App Store

Join Spongebob and his friends on a madcap culinary adventure through Bikini Bottom in SpongeBob: Cooking Fever. Grill up and serve delicious food while decorating your restaurant in this fun game. There’s even a storyline to follow, making it all the more enjoyable.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Google Play / App Store

In this highly stylized and unique game, put your pizza skills to the test as you run your own shop. Meet the orders of your customers and make enough money to keep your pizza place open. With beautiful artwork, relaxing colors, and challenging gameplay, building your pizzas from start to finish is a great way to tap away the hours.

Mama Cooking: Cook Food Puzzle

Google Play / App Store

As an amateur chef with a small kitchen, climb the food chain by combining ingredients to create over 700 dishes. With matching puzzles to snag the top ingredients, you can upgrade your kitchen, restaurant, equipment, decorations, and even outfits. This cute cooking adventure offers plenty to do, making it an excellent way to pass the time.

Animal Restaurant

Google Play / App Store

Become the owner of the busiest restaurant in town, starting as a stray kitten in the forest in Animal Restaurant. Earn coins by tapping the promote button, serve customers, buy recipes, equipment, and furniture, and even hire adorable kitty staff to give you a helping paw – all under the supervision of the mighty chef Gumi. With loads of rare animals and guests to entertain, different ways to expand your land, fun mini-games, and plenty of events, Animal Restaurant is a great place to escape and chill out for a couple of minutes (or hours).

Hungry Hearts Diner

Google Play / App Store

In this endearing Ghibli-style game, you take on the role of an elderly worker who struggles to run her family’s restaurant on the edge of a big city. She learns about Japanese cuisine as you cook delicious classic dishes and listen to the colorful characters stop by to eat. It’s a simple but beautiful title, full of emotions and moving stories that could fill that void in your hungry heart as well as your stomach.

Cooking Madness

Google Play / App Store

Become a master chef by cooking, preparing and serving delicious food from all over the world. With a focus on time management, you’ll have to go from one restaurant to another and prepare tasty dishes at a fast pace to keep your customers happy. Try different techniques and practice your cooking skills as you unlock multiple restaurants, upgrade your own kitchen, and complete special missions in this fun classic cooking game.

Cooking Quest

Google Play / App Store

A bit out of the ordinary on this list, Cooking Quest is a pixel art food management simulation RPG. Go on adventures and fight monsters to gather ingredients and new recipes, so you can attract more customers. Then travel across the kingdom to participate in festivals, hire more chefs, and upgrade heroes on your way to becoming the best food truck in the land.

Cooking Town

Google Play / App Store

Cooking Town allows you to build your own restaurant in a fantasy world and cook with magic to serve a variety of mystical characters. Similar to Cooking Madness, this is a cooking frenzy game that will test your memory and time management skills. Create your own unique character, cook gourmet meals, and build a beautiful town to attract more customers your way.

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