Best Hiding Spots Guide in Fortnite OG Map

Best Hiding Spots Guide in Fortnite OG Map

Last Updated on 13 November, 2023

Best Hiding Spots Guide in Fortnite OG Map. Discover secret hideaways and tactical advantages in Fortnite’s original map with our exclusive guide.

Best Hiding Spots Guide in Fortnite OG Map

Fortnite, the global gaming phenomenon, isn’t just about outgunning your opponents – it’s also about outsmarting them. In the game’s original map, often referred to as the OG Map, there are numerous hidden gems where players can strategically position themselves for the ultimate advantage. This guide unlocks the secrets of these elusive spots, ensuring you’re always one step ahead in your Fortnite escapades.

Tomato Temple: The Ambush Master’s Paradise

Once Tomato Town, Tomato Temple is now a labyrinth of secretive passages, ideal for those ambush plays. Nestled west of Wailing Woods and southeast of Lazy Links, it’s a hotspot for those seeking to catch opponents unawares. Navigate its underbelly, and you’re set for some surprise attacks.

Dusty Divot: A Diner and Depot Duo for Stealth

Dusty Divot, strategically located north of Salty Springs and west of Retail Row, divides into Crater and Dusty Depot. What was once a diner and an abandoned base, now serves as a perfect stealth spot. Whether it’s hiding among the relics of the diner or the shadows of the depot, this area is a haven for covert operations.

Loot Lake: A Vast Hideaway with a View

Loot Lake, an iconic Fortnite landmark, reemerged in Chapter 4: Season 6. This sprawling area, complete with a central mansion, offers a plethora of hiding locations. Whether it’s among the trees, in the mansion, or near the water’s edge, this spot is ideal for players who like to keep an eye on their surroundings while remaining unseen.

Pleasant Park: A Classic with a Twist

A familiar name in the Fortnite universe, Pleasant Park, located in D2 and D3 of Athena and Apollo islands, has seen many iterations. In its latest avatar, it retains its classic charm, now with an added feature – a Time Machine on the soccer field. This adds a new dimension to hiding strategies, blending the old with the new.

Grim Gables: Lurking in the Shadows

Previously known as Shifty Shades, Grim Gables is the ultimate spot for shadow-lurkers. Found southeast of Chromejam Junction and northwest of Chrome Crossroads on Artemis Island, it’s a favorite among players who prefer a stealthy approach. The area’s dimly lit corners and secluded spots make it perfect for surprise attacks.

Secret Spots Unveiled by the Community

The Fortnite community constantly discovers and shares new hiding spots. One Redditor, I_do_not_have_corona, revealed a unique spot in a yellow tree at the island’s center. Camouflaged in a yellow outfit, players can remain virtually invisible, turning this into an ideal vantage point for unsuspecting opponents. Another user, Stalin_be_Wallin, highlighted a bush at the island’s far north, offering an unobstructed view of an approaching enemy, perfect for those surprise eliminations.

Fortnite Map Codes

1v1, Escape Room, Hide and Seek, Horror, Parkour, Roleplay, Sniper, Tycoon, Race, Christmas, Music, Zone Wars, Prop Hunt, Aim, Spiderman, TDM, Mazes, Deathrun, Open World, Mini Games, Fun, Box Fight, Squid, Puzzle, Races, FFA, Adventure, Blocks, Warm UP, Edit Courses, Murder Mystery, Remake, Trappers vs RunnersSnipers vs Runners

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