Best Pet for Archer Ragnarok Origin – Hunter & Dancer

Best Pet for Archer Ragnarok Origin

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Best Pet for Archer Ragnarok Origin – Hunter & Dancer – The best pets and the differences between them so you can choose the one that best suits your play style

First of all, there are two pets that are among the best for all classes: Dunell and Earth lord. Dunell is a pet tier S for all classes, and Earth Lord is a Tier S for all classes except Assassin & Hunter. So study well, both pets because they are the most interesting, when choosing your class

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Best Pet for Archer Ragnarok Origin – Pets Tier List

This Tier List is only for the Archer class – Hunter & Dancer, if you are interested in other classes, check the links above

  • S Tier: Baphomet Jr, King Pig, Dunell
  • A Tier: Fire Spirit, Child of Earth, Hati Babe
  • B Tier:

There are x3 Tier S pets, we explain the advantages and differences between them so you can choose the one that best suits your play style

Baphomet Jr – Best Pet for Hunter

8-combo attack to a single target for 900% Neutral Physical damage and have a chance of stunning them as well

King Pig – Best Pet for Dancer

Dive in, tank a bunch of damage and after receiving the fatal blow become invincible for 3 seconds and come back with 40% HP

Dunell: has a huge AoE fire magic spell called Elemental Breath that will help you immensely in farming. This spell also slows down the attack speed and movement speed of the target

An important decision depending on the second class you are interested in, to get the best pet for Hunter or for Dancer

About Archer, Hunter & Dancer

The class of Archer is one of the popular, most desired, and simple to play jobs. We can see why, though. The built-in strength of an archer is their high accuracy rate and exceptional dexterity. They can engage in battle at a distance and have excellent fire attributes. You can make it through this game without a teammate, whether you’re an individual archer or part of a group. One advantage is that the archer can choose the arrow components before entering the dungeon and engaging in combat with enemies. Therefore, if you are aware of the monster’s element and/or attributes prior to the encounter, this class has an advantage. The second position is a Hunter, who has the option of hiring a falcon as a combat partner or selecting a dancer or bard with the buff talent who can aid the group by simply switching the weapon to a whip or musical instrument.

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