Best Pet for Mage Ragnarok Origin – Wizard & Sage

Best Pet for Mage Ragnarok Origin

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Best Pet for Mage Ragnarok Origin – Wizard & Sage – The best pets and the differences between them so you can choose the one that best suits your play style

First of all, there are two pets that are among the best for all classes: Dunell and Earth lord. Dunell is a pet tier S for all classes, and Earth Lord is a Tier S for all classes except Assassin & Hunter. So study well, both pets because they are the most interesting, when choosing your class

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Best Pet for Mage Ragnarok Origin – Pets Tier List

This Tier List is only for the Mage class – Wizard & Sage, if you are interested in other classes, check the links above

  • S Tier: Milly. Fire Spirit
  • A Tier: Dunell, Earth Lord
  • B Tier: Child of Earth, Hati Babe

There are x2 Tier S pets, we explain the advantages and differences between them so you can choose the one that best suits your play style

Milly – Best Pet for Sage

Can heal up to 4 targets and is always welcoming but the more important aspect is the 15% reduced casting time for the first spell you use

Fire Spirit – Best Pet for Wizard

It calls down 4 meteors that deal 125% damage and cause the target to take 20% more Fire Damage afterward

Dunell: has a huge AoE fire magic spell called Elemental Breath that will help you immensely in farming. This spell also slows down the attack speed and movement speed of the target

Earth Lord: His skill Super Gravity Field allows him to taunt nearby enemies that are then drawn to him with a reduced movement speed. In that moment Earth Lord also provides with 60% damage reduction for 5 seconds

An important decision depending on the second class you are interested in, to get the best pet for Wizard or for Sage

About Mage, Wizard & Sage

The Mage analyzes the traits and traits of monsters with insight into all the aspects of the world, aiding allies with their high intelligence and expertise. The player must select which element to play even though this class has the ability to learn every element in the game due to the number of skill points available. Either lightning and ice or fire and thunder are possible combinations. This class, in our opinion, has one of the most difficult jobs. Mage may have high magic attack status, but they are weak defensively and require spell casting time. Finding a team to level up with or exploring the dungeon with your pals will be wise decisions. Wizard, a class that a mage can rise to, has a better magic skill than Sage. The advantage of the Sage class is that they have a more enhanced version of the Mage with their Free Casting, even though they lack the offensive capabilities of a Wizard.

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