Best Super Auto Pets Strategy

Best Super Auto Pets Strategy

Last Updated on 2 April, 2024

Best Super Auto Pets Strategy – Token Spam, Dodo, Tank Leader, Elephant, Dragon – With combos and late game examples

Best Super Auto Pets Strategy – Token Spam

If you have a Horse & Cricket team, you may go all-in on a Token Spam strategy predicated on summoning fresh animals and buffing them with Horse. Honey can be used to add another token, but keep in mind that you’ll want to sell your Crickets and Spiders at some point, so honey on them is a sunk cost.

This team’s foundation consists of 1-2 buffers in the rear, 0-1 support in the back, and 3 token generators in the front.

You want to add the following to your squad at each Tier – Best Combos:

  • 1 Tier: Horse (buffer), Cricket (tokens).
  • 2 Tier: Spider (tokens), Dog (support)
  • 3 Tier: Sheep (tokens), Whale (tokens)
  • 4 Tier: Deer (tokens)
  • 5 Tier: Turkey (buffer)
  • 6 Tier: Fly (support), Tiger (support)

Late game:

  • Fly or Tiger + Turkey + Sheep (+ honey) + Whale + Deer
  • Fly or Tiger + Turkey + Whale + Deer + Deer
  • Turkey + Fly or Tiger + Deer + Level 2 Whale + Rooster
  • Fly or Tiger+ Turkey + Level 3 Whale + Rooster + Rooster or Deer
  • Fly + Tiger + Snake + Whale + Any Tokener

Best Super Auto Pets Strategy – Dodo

The Dodo is an absurdly strong animal with the potential for lethal synergy. Although it starts as a fairly underwhelming 1 or 3, leveling up a Dodo and increasing its attack power will greatly increase the efficacy of your squad.

To begin, you want to acquire a Dodo on Turn 3 and offer it some rapid boosts with Fish or Ducks. Next, try to bring it to level 2 as soon as possible. Level 3 is helpful, but not as vital. Along with purchasing the proper animals, continue to give the Dodo as many permanent buffs as possible from Giraffe, Pears, or even Apples if necessary.

Once you’ve established this technique, there’s little that can stop it except late-game Token Spam.

You want to add the following to your squad at each Tier – Best Combos:

  • 1 Tier: Fish (level up with Dodo), Duck (sell while Dodo in shop)
  • 2 Tier: Dodo, Swan
  • 3 Tier: Giraffe (behind Dodo), Ox or Turtle
  • 4 Tier: Monkey (replace Giraffe), Rooster
  • 5 Tier: Parrot (mimic Rooster)
  • 6 Tier: Tiger, Dragon

Late game and examples:

  • Swan + Giraffe + Dodo + Ox + Swan or Fish
  • Swan + Giraffe + Dodo + Swan or Fish + Turtle
  • Monkey + Monkey + Dodo + Ox + Rooster
  • Monkey + Monkey + Dodo + Rooster + Turtle
  • Tiger + Monkey + Dodo + Whatever + Whatever
  • Monkey + Monkey + Dodo + Rooster or Parrot + Rooster
  • Tiger + Level 3 Dodo + Ox + Rooster or Parrot + Rooster
  • Tiger + Level 3 Dodo + Rooster or Parrot + Rooster + Turtle
  • (Buy or Sell tier 1’s) + Dragon + Dodo + Whatever + Whatever

Best Super Auto Pets Strategy – Tank Leader

If you didn’t acquire Token Spam or a Dodo, your next best choice is to put a tanky animal in front, while the animals in rear benefit from “friend ahead assaults” or boost the tank.

Best Tanks Tier:

  • Bison: only if you have another level 3 animal
  • Camel: Tier 3, buffs the animal behind
  • Hippo: Tier 4, buffs itself
  • Rhino: Tier 5 animal
  • They can also be useful to you: Elephant, Gorilla (Tier 6), Swan (more gold each turn, Turtle (With a Kangaroo behind)

You want to add the following to your squad at each Tier – Best Combos:

  • 2 Tier: Swan (more gold is always helpful)
  • 3 Tier: Kangaroo, Turtle
  • 4 Tier: Monkey
  • 5 Tier: Scorpion
  • 6 Tier: Snake, Tiger. Melon Shield (on Tank)

Late game and examples:

  • Monkey + Monkey + Monkey + Kangaroo + Tank
  • Any + Any + Any + Kangaroo + Tank
  • Monkey + Monkey + Kangaroo + Tank + Scorpion
  • Monkey + Tiger + Snake or Kangaroo + Tank + Scorpion + Tiger + Snake

Alternative Strategy – Elephant

I dislike the Elephant technique because I feel it is ineffective. To obtain 10 wins with this, you must be really lucky. You’re more likely to get 7 or 8 victories. I dislike competing for second place.

However, if you find yourself in an unusual situation, such as purchasing Ducks early and then being given 2 or 3 Elephants at the shop, you may want to go this method.

Combine the Elephant with a creature whose ability is activated when it is harmed, such as a Camel, Blowfish, or Peacock. Eventually, you’re aiming for the following formations:

  • Any + Any + Tiger or Any + Blowfish + Level 1 Elephant
  • Any + Tiger or Any + Peacock or Blowfish + Camel + Level 2 Elephant
  • Tiger + Blowfish + Camel + Snake + Level 3 Elephant

Alternative Strategy – Dragon

If you’ve made it to Tier 6 without a cohesive plan, your only hope is to take advantage of the Dragon’s powerful benefits.

Buy a Dragon, then continuously buy and sell tier 1 animals for the team-wide bonus, which is a total of +4/+4 in stats (+8/+8 with level 2 dragon, or +12/+12 with level 3 dragon) for a total of 2 gold.

Try combining this with Turtle or Ox for the melon shields if possible.

Best Super Auto Pets Strategy – Video Guide

Take a look at this Neetoro guide, where he explains some of the strategies that we have shown you

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