Billionaire Simulator 2 Codes – Roblox Updated 2024

Billionaire Simulator 2 Codes Roblox

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

All the valid Billionaire Simulator 2 Codes in one updated list – Roblox Game by Cloud’s Studio! – Redeem these codes for money, items, boost and more rewards in-game

Billionaire Simulator 2 Codes – Full List

Valid Codes

Redeem these codes for money, items, boost and more rewards in-game

These are the valid codes, 

  • VOID – Code reward: some freebies (New)
  • INTERSTELLAR – Code reward: some freebies (New)
  • HEAVEN – Code reward: 1500 Heaven Money
  • Russo – Code reward: Russo Hat
  • 100KVISITS – Code reward: limited time hat
  • WOW – Code reward: WOW Mythical hat
  • FreeCash – Code reward: 1k Money
  • FreeGems – Code reward: 10 Gems
  • 100VISITS – Code reward: 100k Valk hat

We will keep this codes list updated, stay tuned

Billionaire Simulator 2 social media channels:

  • Twitter: @Cloudys_Studio
  • Discord channel:
  • Youtube:
  • Join Roblox Group:

Billionaire Simulator 2 Expired Codes

These codes don’t work anymore:

  • MoonUpdate – Code reward: Money
  • Release – Code reward: Money
  • 100Likes – Code reward: Money
  • 200KVISITS – Code reward: Money

FAQ – How to Redeem?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

  1. Launch Roblox Billionaire Simulator 2 on your PC or mobile device
  2. Click on the Codes button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Select the Enter Code Here text box.
  4. Type in the code.
  5. Click Submit in the button.

See how the youtuber Gaming Dan Redeems these codes in this video:

How to play Billionaire Simulator 2? Roblox Game by Cloud’s Studio!ᅠ

Discover the thrill of wealth accumulation in our constantly updating game, Billionaire Simulator 2!

In our most recent update, 1.1.5:

  1. Experience the excitement of unlocking powerful hats through our new crate system.
  2. Use the special code ‘WOW’ for extra perks.

Our previous updates include:

Update 1.1.4:

  1. Celebrated 100K visits with a special code ‘100KVISITS’ for a limited-time hat.
  2. Added two new hat crates for moon and earth locations.
  3. Improved hat crate system with a triple hat crate open feature.
  4. Introduced leaderboard titles and Nitro booster title.

Update 1.1.3:

  1. Ended the Easter event and awarded the top 10 players.
  2. Introduced a new Moon Crate with five unique hats.
  3. Added ‘Multi Delete’ and ‘Unequip All’ features.
  4. Included a delete confirmation for user convenience.

Start your journey to wealth by building businesses, expanding your empire, and becoming the richest player in Roblox. Premium players receive free cash!

Join our group at ‘Clouds-Studio’ on Roblox for the latest updates and exclusive codes.

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