Bingo in Ragnarok Origin Guide to Winning in the Event

Bingo in Ragnarok Origin Guide to Winning in the Event

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Bingo in Ragnarok Origin Guide to Winning in the Event. Mini-game that will enhance your gaming experience.

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Bingo in Ragnarok Origin Guide to Winning in the Event

Mini-game that will enhance your gaming experience and bring you closer to your guild. If you’re not yet part of a guild, it’s time to level up and join one before you dive into this guide. Let’s unveil the secrets of Bingo in Ragnarok Origin and teach you how to become a champion.

Joining a Guild: The Key to Unlocking Bingo in Ragnarok Origin

To participate in the Bingo event, you must first be a member of a guild. Guild membership is available only to players who have reached level 16. If you haven’t achieved this milestone, keep playing the game and return to this guide once you’re eligible. For seasoned players, it’s time to embark on the exhilarating journey of Bingo in Ragnarok Origin.

Finding the Limited-Time Bingo Event

The Bingo event is a limited-time feature found under the special event tab in your game interface. Players can partake in this event until May 9th, making it essential to act fast. By participating in daily missions and activities, collect Bingo numbers, which will be used to complete your Bingo card and earn fabulous rewards.

Acquiring Bingo Numbers: Tips and Tricks in Ragnarok Origin

Gathering Bingo numbers during this event is a breeze, with various tasks ranging from simple to challenging. Follow these strategies to maximize your number-collection efficiency:

  1. Complete daily tasks: These easy tasks can be done in mere minutes, requiring minimal effort.
  2. Slay monsters: Defeating monsters will yield Bingo numbers, and the tougher the monster, the better the numbers you can obtain.
  3. Craft rare items: Show off your crafting skills by creating rare items that will reward you with more Bingo numbers.
  4. Engage in PVP: Participating in player-vs-player battles is another way to accumulate valuable numbers.

Filling Up Your Bingo Card: The Path to Victory

With enough Bingo numbers, it’s time to fill up your card. Achieving Bingo by aligning numbers five times will grant you a coveted reward. The more you play, the better your chances of winning big.

Level up, join a guild, and follow this guide to claim victory in this captivating mini-game. With time running out, there’s no better moment to start your Bingo journey in Ragnarok Origin.

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