Brave Nine Tier List – Best Brave Nine Characters (June 2023)

brave nine tier list

Last Updated on 31 May, 2023

Brave Nine Tier List – Looking for the updated Brave Nine rankings for 2022? Then you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what you’ll find below. Check out our ranking of the best Brave Nine characters now.

Brave Nine Ranking Meaning

Brave Nine S Tier List – These are the best Brave Nine characters in the current release. They are OP (overpowered) in every team combination. They can single-handedly turn the tide of battle. You should prioritize and update these before anyone else.

Brave Nine A Tier List – These brave Nine characters are slightly weaker than the S-tier, but still very good and can be used with confidence in all battles and game modes.

Brave Nine B Tier List – These are your average Brown Dust mercenaries, they are neither great nor bad, but they can still get the job done, although you shouldn’t upgrade these heroes too much.

Brave Nine C Tier List – Moving down the list we have the C-tier Brown Dust characters. They are slightly worse than the B-tier ones, and you should only play and use them in your team comp. if you absolutely have no other character to play with.

Brave Nine D Tier List – These are the worst-performing characters in Brown Dust. Use these only if you’re a beginner just starting out and can’t use anything else.

Brave Nine Tier List – S Tier Characters

Mercenary Type Attack HP
Aindoline 3429
Alec Attacker 1275 5033
Angelica Attacker 1975 4285
Asmode Supporter 3236
Barbara Attacker 503 4890
Barze Attacker 1269 3222
Benaka Supporter 2628
Cecilia Defense 914 7951
Cucumber Attacker 1081 3203
Granhilt Defense 920 12990
Kaori Defense 952 27045
Lepitaire Supporter 4531
Levla Magic 669 4444
Lucius Defense 920 7460
Ludia Defense 1256 3203
Mamonil Defense 956 4531
Michaela Supporter 3088
Moonlit night Supporter 5259
Nartus Magic 2750 4210
Stella Supporter 1140

Brave Nine Tier List – A Tier Characters

Mercenary Type Attack HP
Octavia Attacker 2020 683
Jacan Attacker 1067 777
Ino Supporter 2100
Anais Supporter 2100
Ebony Supporter 2201
Johann Supporter 2460
Liddell Attacker 805 2491
near Attacker 1155 2740
Viola Attacker 631 2957
Eunran Attacker 849 2957
Serendia Supporter 3004
Arche Attacker 707 3035
Ruth Attacker 1364 3115
Hell Magic 3675 3209
Aretha Magic 1730 3501
Cry Attacker 997 4985
Rene Defense 621 5255
Denarisa Defense 745 5255
Belasie Defense 328 5607
Grotha Defense 712 9225

Brave Nine Tier List – B Tier Characters

Mercenary Type Attack HP
Tsuzuki Supporter 1989
Alines Supporter 2343
Beatrice Attacker 961 3234
Carson Defense 704 5478
Clarice Supporter 1733
Cordelia Attacker 684 2370
Horan Defense 804 3837
Karug Attacker 806 2828
Lizzy Attacker 759 2480
Maria Magic 2116 2925
Marron Attacker 358 3234
Melody Magic 3735 2318
Mercedes Defense 674 4043
Noel Magic 2228 2524
Peacock Attacker 751 3097
Ron Attacker 806 2370
Rye Attacker 846 2019
Shizuka Attacker 507 2721
Sloan Defense 722 4492
Wiggle Attacker 3849 585

About Brave Nine

Brave Nine, formerly known as Brown Dust, is a Gacha Tactical RPG developed by GameOn and published by NEOWIZ. The game was released on May 24, 2017 for Android and iOS.

To be honest, Brave Nine is a pretty average gacha, but it has some nice features like:

Fantastic Artwork and 2D Design

The game has some stunning graphics and visual design, executed with great attention to detail, especially when it comes to skill sets. It’s cute, fun, and eye-pleasing so you can spend hours enjoying Brave Nine.

Brave Nine: Plenty of Characters

There are many characters to choose from for the best Brave Nine team build. But before you put together your team, we recommend checking out the Brave Nine leaderboard above.

Lots of Things To Do

In Brave Nine, you have more than 1400 levels waiting for you to advance, in addition, you have the usual guild content, PvP (arena against other players), evil castles to climb for great rewards, and anytime fresh activities.

Brave Nine Reviews From Players

The game has a 4.3 out of 5 player rating on Google Play, while on iOS, Brave Nine has a 4.7 player rating out of 5.

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