Bravely Default 2 Unlock Jobs guide

Bravely Default 2 Unlock Jobs

Last Updated on 9 December, 2021

Bravely Default 2 Unlock Jobs guide – How to unlock each job, And what can you expect from each job or class, when you unlock it

Bravely Default 2 Unlock Jobs – How to Unlock

  • Freelancer: Already unlocked
  • Black Mage: Recruit Elvis for your party
  • White Mage: Defeat Selene and Dag
  • Vanguard: Defeat Selene and Dag
  • Monk: Defeat Horten
  • Bard: Defeat Orpheus
  • Beastmaster: defeat Anihal
  • Thief: Defeat Bernard
  • Berserker: Defeat Prince Castor
  • Red Mage: Defeat Roddy
  • Ranger: Defeat Lily
  • Shieldmaster: Defeat Galahad
  • Pictomancer: Defeat Folie
  • Dragoon: Defeat Martha
  • Spiritmaster: Defeat Helio and Gladys
  • Swordmaster: Defeat Helio and Gladys
  • Oracle: Defeat Domenic
  • Arcanist: Defeat Vigintio
  • Bastion: Defeat Lonsdale
  • Phantom: Defeat Marla
  • Hellblade: Defeat Adam
  • Gambler: complete the Taking a Gamble quest and defeat Shirley
  • Salve Maker: complete the Glynn Awakens side-quest in Enderno
  • Bravebearer: Unlock the 2nd ending, load new game +, go to chapter 6 and defeat the Hero of light (between Halcyonia and Savalon)

Bravely Default 2 Unlock Jobs – Commands

  • Freelancer: Miscellany command (wide range of potential effects)
  • Black Mage: Black Magic command (damaging spell abilities)
  • White Mage: White Magic command (healing spells)
  • Vanguard: Heroics (dishing out hefty damage and taking it in equal measure)
  • Monk: Martial Arts command (raw physical damage)
  • Bard: Singing command (improve the stats of your party & decrease the stats of your enemies)
  • Beastmaster: Taming command command (capture monsters for your party)
  • Thief: Thievery command (steal items from every enemy)
  • Berserker: Savagery command (devastating when used by any physical build)
  • Red Mage: Red Magic command (new abilities in the White and Black magic abilities vein)
  • Ranger:  command (Ranged attacks)
  • Shieldmaster: Shieldcraft command (lot of BP & heavy equipment to deliver powerful attacks)
  • Pictomancer: Artistry command (negative status effects for enemies)
  • Dragoon: Dragoon command (speed and damage output)
  • Spiritmaster: command (healing support class)
  • Swordmaster: Miscellany command (attack twice or counterattack)
  • Oracle: Divination command (buff party, debuff enemies)
  • Arcanist: Necromancy command (powerful magic without any acknowledgment for their own wellbeing)
  • Bastion: Guardianship command (barriers to protect allies)
  • Phantom: Occultism command (dish out powerful multi-hit attacks)
  • Hellblade: Diabolism command ( sacrifice HP, SP, or BP to attack with elemental sword attacks)
  • Gambler: Gambler’s Gaming command (variety of potentially devastating effects)
  • Salve Maker:  command (buffs and supporting the party)
  • Bravebearer: masters of BP

Best Job

Although in almost all games they say that there is no better class, and that it depends on your style of play, in Bravely default 2 there is, and without any doubt it is Bravebearer

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