Brawl Stars Lily Guide: Best Build, Gadget, Star Power & More

Brawl Stars Lily Guide
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Last Updated on 23 April, 2024

The Brawl Stars update 55 has just been released, and players can now get their hands on Lily, a new Mythic Brawler with very fast movement speed. She is the first brawler coming in the new update, and if you’re looking for Lily’s best build, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll show you the best gadgets, super, and star powers for Brawl Stars Lily.

How To Unlock Lily In Brawl Stars

Like other Mythic Brawlers, Lily can be unlocked through the Starr Road, Brawl Stars’ in-game progression system. Players have to collect 1,900 Credits to obtain Lily. But if you don’t want to spend time on Credits grind, you can use 349 Gems to instantly purchase a new Mythic brawler. This is a great option for players who are short on time and want to quickly add the new Brawler to their collection.

Lily Basic Attack – Monster Notes

Lily has one ammo slot. With her basic attack, she shoots a short-ranged piercing thorn that deals moderate damage and takes 0.4 seconds to reload.

1 1,200
2 1,320
3 1,440
4 1,560
5 1,680
6 1,800
7 1,920
8 2,040
9 2,160
10 2,280
11 2,400

Lily Super – Catchy Chorus

Upon use of her Super attack, Lily launches a large fruit that damages nearby enemies and teleports her behind them. However, if her Super misses all enemies, she will not teleport.

1 1,000
2 1,100
3 1,200
4 1,300
5 1,400
6 1,500
7 1,600
8 1,700
9 1,800
10 1,900
11 2,000

Lily Trait

Similar to Buzz, Lily has a 6-tile circle around her. She charges Super by 6.75% per second for each enemy in the circle. Even when enemies are invisible or camping in bushes, her Super still charges. The radius of Lily’s Trait is shown for allies and hidden for enemies.

Lily Gadgets

  • Vanish: Like Cordelius, Lily teleports to the Shadow Realm for 3 seconds. She can’t bring anyone with her but can join the fight if other Brawlers are in the Realm
  • Repot: Activating this Gadget enhances Lily’s next Super attack, allowing her to throw a fruit that passes over obstacles and makes her teleport even if she doesn’t hit enemies. Upon teleporting, she will also deal splash damage

Lily Star Powers

  • Spike: When Lily teleports to an enemy, her next attack is increased by 50%.
  • Vigilance: Increases Lily’s movement speed by 15% when the enemy is in her Super charge radius

Best Lily Build Brawl Stars

While Lily hasn’t officially arrived yet, let’s delve into some potential strategies to play with once she’s released:

  • Gadget: Repot
  • Star Power: Spike
  • Gear #1: DAMAGE – Super Rare Gear
  • Gear #2: SHIELD – Super Rare Gear

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