Brawl Stars Ranked Mode: How To Play, Rules & Rewards

Brawl Stars Ranked Mode
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Last Updated on 4 March, 2024

Want to play and progress in the new Brawl Stars Ranked Mode? – In this guide, we’ve gathered all the important information you need to know to start playing in the Brawl Stars Ranked.

How To Play In Brawl Stars Ranked Mode

To play in the new Brawl Stars Ranked Mode, you need to reach 1,000 Trophies on the Trophy Road, which is the #1 pre-condition. Once unlocked, Ranked Mode will appear among the available game modes. You can then climb through the ranks and tiers to earn in-game rewards and recognition.

To participate in Brawl Stars Ranked, you need to have at least 3 Brawlers at Power Level 9 from Bronze to Gold rank. However, you can only upgrade to Diamond when you have at least 12 Brawlers with Power Level 9 or above. And speaking of ranks, they look beautiful!

Brawl Stars Ranked Rules

The new Brawl Stars ranked system introduces several significant changes to the gameplay, along with possessing some requirements for players eager to head into the battle.

  • Ranked season lasts only one month and their schedule will match the Brawl Pass schedule. The start of the new season reset your given rank, but you’ll be given a temporary rank boost based on the previous season’s results
  • From Bronze to Gold ranks, matches are best-of-1 without Brawler bans. From Diamond to Masters, we get back to the format we’ve got used to: best-of-3 with bans.
  • New Ranked Star Drops containing Bling, cosmetics and skins (including previous Power League Skins) exclusive to the Ranked Mode

Brawl Stars Ranked All Ranks

Like in the previous Ranked Mode, there are seven Ranks in total. However, each rank has three levels that you can rank up through. Below, you’ll find the list of all ranks in Brawl Stars:

  • Bronze I, II, III
  • Silver I, II, III
  • Gold I, II, III
  • Diamond I, II, III
  • Mythic I, II, III
  • Legendary I, II, III
  • Masters

Each new rank awards players with a special Ranked Battle Card Background!

Brawl Stars Ranked Rewards

The main reward from the new Brawl Stars Ranked mode is special Ranked Star Drops. These are extremely valuable since they contain cosmetics and skins from the previous ranked seasons! In ascending order, these are rewards for ranks:

  • Bronze: x2 Ranked Star Drop, Epic Star Drop
  • Silver: x2 Ranked Star Drop, Mythic Star Drop
  • Gold: x2 Ranked Star Drop, Mythic Star Drop
  • Diamond: x2 Ranked Star Drop, Legendary Star Drop
  • Mythic: x2 Ranked Star Drop, Legendary Star Drop
  • Legendary: x2 Ranked Star Drop, Legendary Star Drop

Reaching the prestigious Masters rank doesn’t unlock any progression rewards. However, you’ll gain the privilege of competing against the top players in the global leaderboards, proving your skills against the best!

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