Breathedge Lead Paint guide

Breathedge Lead Paint

Last Updated on 19 August, 2021

Breathedge Lead Paint guide – Locations and tips top farm Lead & Paint, ingredients of the enhanced spacesuit and helmet, required to progress to chapter 2

You will need Lead Paintt to progress to chapter 2, because you are going to need the enhanced spacesuit and the helmet to reduce radiation

Breathedge Lead Paint guide – Location

You can find it, but it is very rare. The good news is that after finding it the first time, you can make it. So we will provide you one location, and after that, better craft it:

Location: heading out from starting shuttle to 10 o’clock and 45 degrees down (but You will need a extra air supply, such as an oxygen station)

Location II: From your ship > travel to the far left until the paint explosion amidst some wreckage > Find the safe (but you need an eye) > Continue slightly on and downwards and find a corpse amidst the wreckage > pluck the Smuggler’s eye > Open the safe with the Smuggler’s eye and get the Lead Paintt blueprint

Breathedge Lead Paint guide – Crafting

Of course you are going to need to farm lead & paint, you craft lead paint by placing lead & paint in the processor. So the hard part is farming lead & paint:

Farming the ingredients

Requirements: Increase Max Oxygen, Craft an Oxigen Station and 2 Oxygen candles will also help

From the blueprint (Location II) notice the giant hull (the giant hull is the farming spot) > place the Oxygen Station halfway between your home and the giant hull > Farm paint from the big tanks > Farm lead smashing the lead plate balls with the Handy scrapper


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