Bright Lord Walkthrough & Guide – Phases 1 & 2

Bright Lord Walkthrough

Last Updated on 23 November, 2022

Bright Lord Walkthrough & Guide – Unlock all the available events and scenes with Landady, Emily and also Chloe

When we only give you one option, is because is the choice that gives points (the other choices don’t give points). If both choices give points we will give you both options and the type of points you will get with each of them.

Bright Lord Walkthrough & Guide – Phase 1

Act 1

No need to save, there are not paths, but make these choices:

  • Encourage Her
  • Make fun of her more
  • Enter
  • Stand up for yourself
  • Try to cheer her up
  • Take the blame

Act 2

  • SAVE: and choose the corruption path or the love path
  • Resist (Event Ep 2 Resist) OR Obeyy (+ Corruption)
  • Accept apology (Event Ep 2 Apology & + Love) OR Get mady (+ Corruption)
  • Defend Chloe
  • Ask what’s wrong
  • Touch it
  • Resist (Event Ep 2 Resist) OR Give in (+2 Corruption)
  • Choose (no need to save, you can choose the 3 of them in the same walkthrough)
    • Landlady: Cheer her up > Calm her Down > Scene
    • Emily: Make a joke
    • Chloe: Admit (+Love) OR Stand up (+ Corruption) > Push it further

Act 4

  • Be Calm (+ Love) or Storm out (+ Corruption)
  • Unleash your rage (Ep4 Unleash Rage)
  • Release her Anger (Ep4 Angelina Scene)
  • Do it (Ep4 Liza Scene)
  • Side with Chloe (Ep4 Side with Chloe)
  • Obey (Ep4 Obey)

Act 5

  • Ask what happened
  • Chloe needs (+ Chloe) or You are right (+ Mom)
  • Agree (+ Chloe) or How did… (+ Corruption)
  • Try to contain OR Lash Out (onlyh if in Corruption path)
  • Apologize
  • Tell Emily that she is beautiful

Act 6

  • Try to calm them down
  • Tell Her
  • Scold Her
  • SAVE, choose I will get the energy…, enjoy the scene, Load this last save and choose Go with the bright lord’s plan
  • Mouth
  • Tell them thy will be safe
  • Yes, I think we need Liraz
  • Stand your ground (+ Corruption) or Try to reason (+ Love)

Bright Lord Walkthrough & Guide – Phase 2

Act 1

  • Admit the truth
  • Tell her what’s bothering you
  • Threaten him
  • Fulfill her wish
  • Intervene
  • Kill Buer
  • Ask is she is really okay
  • Accept her offer

Act 2

  • Apologize
  • Promise that you will try to persuade him to trading
  • She does not own you
  • Tell him what happened
  • Someone who knows the business works
  • I think you are qualified enough to run any business
  • I missed this so much
  • Make the choice yourself

(Yes, seems that the game is incomplete, but this is the final version, and these are the endings. Anyway, we will update this walkthrough if the developers decide to release new versions & updates)

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