Mystwood Manor Walkthrough & Guide

Mystwood Manor Walkthrough

Last Updated on 23 November, 2022

Mystwood Manor Walkthrough & Guide – Learn how to unlock everything (staff, rooms, customers, events), earn money, the correct answers…

Mystwood Manor Walkthrough – Staff

Unlock new Staff members

Unlock new staff members as soon as you can. Click on the staff button and check what you need to unlock each character. You can unlock Amber on day 2, do it check what you need and learn how to unlock the rest.

Progress with Staff members

Click on the portrait of each staff member, and then go to the Progress tab to check what do you need to unlock new events. You will see some numbers (1-1, 2-2, 3-3) the first number is the Hotel reputation level, and the second is the Staff level. To increase the hotel level complete customers, to increase staff level you have to level up the 3 skills.

Mystwood Manor Walkthrough – Customers

  • How to get customers? Just place Julia in the Lobby
  • How to level up customers? Level up the hotel reputation by completing customers requirements
  • Customers Progress: You can only progress with Orville Nestor, but you can’t get the reward, because the 5th event is under development
  • How increase the number of customers? Unlock new rooms in the 2nd floor when you level up the hotel reputation

Mystwood Manor Walkthrough – Answers

Level 1 and also Level 2 answers are very easy, so we start from level 3 answers:

Level 3 Answers

  • Kitchen & Restaurant:
    • English breakfast: Beans
    • French breakfast: Croissant
    • Asian breakfast: Spring rolls
    • Italian food: Lasagna
    • French food: Ratatouille
    • English food: Cottage Pie
  • Spa:
    • Relaxing Massage: Swedish
    • Relieve tension: Deep…
    • Stretch my body: Thai
  • Gym:
    • Legs & Arms: Lifting weights
    • Endurance: Cardio
    • Posture: Strengthening your core
  • Bar:
    • Red wine: Merlot
    • White wine: Sauvignon Blanch
    • Champagne: Brut
  • Sauna:
    • Without steam: Traditional
    • water boiled: Steam room
    • with lights: Infrared

Level 4 Answers

  • Kitchen & Restaurant:
    • Colombian breakfast: Changua
    • the other: Pannkakor
    • Polish breakfast: Jajecznica
    • Indonesian food: Nasi Goreng
    • Indian food: Biryani
    • Japanese: Tempura
  • Spa:
    • Japanese: Amatsu
    • Hawaiian: LomiLomi
    • Indian: Champissage
  • Gym:
    • Endurance: High Reps
    • Muscle Mass: Low Reps
    • Condition: Cardio
  • Bar:
    • Tequila: Margarita
    • Vodka: Cosmopolitan
    • Rum: Mai Tai
  • Sauna:
    • Hot & low: Traditional
    • Humidity: Traditional
    • the other: Traditional
  • Pool:
    • Chest, back & lat: Breast
    • The other: Back
    • Core & upper: Butterfly

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  1. For level 4 Swimming:

    As much distance as possible – freestyle
    How do I burn as many calories as possible? – The butterfly stroke
    Least calories – breastcrawl

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