Bro Falls Redeem Code List – Secret Skins Updated 2024

Bro Falls Redeem Code

Last Updated on 2 April, 2024

Bro Falls Redeem Code List – Secret Skins – Redeem these codes before they expire and claim these free skins

Bro Falls is known to be the free “copy” of Fall Guys, for many it is even better. But one of the big differences between the two is that in this free version there are gift codes, and you can get a few skins totally free, thanks to them

Bro Falls Redeem Code List – Secret Skins

Valid Codes

These are all the current valid codes:

  • ToastWithJam secret Skin Code: J4MT7FBX (New)
  • Lollipop secret Skin Code: 65POP2K2 (New)
  • Lollipop Rainbow secret Skin Code: CHUNGUSKA (New)
  • Soda Can secret Skin Code: 2UALRXLB
  • Cotton Candy secret Skin Code: OF5RFJXQ
  • Snack Bag secret Skin Code: R2QGKYVO
  • Soda Cup secret Skin Code: CIM1SILZ
  • Star Sunglasses secret Skin Code: SZ3MUV3G
  • Baseball Bat secret Skin Code: D3M0NJ4
  • Hun Hat secret Skin Code: BAT2E77H
  • Secret Skin Code: B34RMQV7W
  • Secret Skin Code: 54NT4R92

We will keep this list updated, if the creators release new codes, we will add them to tis list, so stay tuned

Bro Falls Social Media Channels:

  • Discord: Bro Falls Official
  • Twitter: ??
  • Youtube: ??
  • Other social Media Channels: ??

Expired Codes

There are currently no expired codes, but we will also keep this list updated

Bro Falls Redeem Code List – How to Redeem?

Just launch the game and click on the “+” sign to redeem codes

About Bro Falls Ultimate Showdown, by Boros Bros

Bro Falls, by Boros Bros, is an asymmetric massively multiplayer party game with chaotic elements, trap activations and big Falls. Up-to 60 online players in a showdown party and only one who can get the victory. Play as Brokkoli to activate the traps or avoid them as a juicy food and win the rounds.

Brokkoli is angry because nobody chooses him to put in the cart. His evil master plan is that he catches all of the food and drops them into a showdown trial. Foods have to go through traps and obstacles to get out of the trial and beat Brokkoli.

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