Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Guide & Locations

Brookhaven Secrets

Last Updated on 8 June, 2023

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Guide & Locations – Best easter eggs, hidden locations, places to hide yourself, and secret locations available in the Wolfpaq’s game

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Cleaners

  1. Enter the building named Cleaners
  2. Go behind the wall (corner)
  3. Go downstairs
  4. Enter into the left room
  5. Click on the hanging light
  6. Pass through the trap door (ground) and reach the secret underground base

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Bank

  1. From the secret underground base go through the tiny path and reach the bank vault
  2. Place explosives just outside
  3. Steal the money

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Arcade

  1. Go to the Arcade Arena
  2. Go upstairs and reach the birthday area

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Hospital

  1. Enter the hospital from the main entrance
  2. Use a ladder to go into the hole in the ceiling (top right)

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Cemetery

  1. Once in the cemetery fall into the just next to a grave

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Secret cave

  1. Go to the drones place in the mountain
  2. Ride one of the drones and it will take you to the cave

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Secret house

  1. You can find an abandoned house behind the airport, between 2 trees

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Modern House

Click on the mouse icon > Choose modern house

Hidden Walls

  1. Go inside and upstairs (left)
  2. Enter the room
  3. Squeeze your size
  4. Jump on the table until you get inside the wall
  5. You can also jump on the wall at the top of the fridge to find another hide


  1. Upstairs (still in the modern house)
  2. Enter the bedroom
  3. Move foward towards the bed

Outer Wall

  1. Outside (still in the modern house)
  2. Climb up the wall using a ladder and hide in the wall

Kids Play Room

  1. Modern House > Kids Play room
  2. Hide behind the cupboard

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Dark Scary House

Click on the mouse icon > Choose dark scary house


  1. Enter in the dark scary house
  2. Squeeze your size
  3. Hide in any of the boxes


  1. Jump on the box
  2. Hide in the wall


  1. Pass through the wall under the stairs
  2. Move up stairs and enter into the front room
  3. Near the stairs there is another secret wall

Hidden Death Spot

  1. Scary house > Backyard
  2. Hide behind the bushes you will find near the graveyard

Kids room

  1. Scary house > Kids room
  2. Move to the kids bunk bed & jump up

Brookhaven Secrets Roblox – Next House


  1. Squeeze size to 0.5
  2. Enter from the garage
  3. Climb up the garage’s gate using a ladder and find the hide

Microwave Oven

  1. Go upstairs (beside the garage) and reach the kitchen
  2. Hide into the Oven

Dressing Room

  1. Reach the dressing room using the elevator
  2. Hide in the cupboards (pass through the wall)


  1. Reach the roof using the elevator

Reading spot

  1. Enter the house from the front door
  2. Squeeze your size
  3. Go upstairs
  4. Bedroom > drop in the empty area near the bed

Shower Teleport

  1. Master bedroom > Bathroom
  2. Pass through the piece of wood next to the shower

Bathroom Sink

  1. Sit near the sink
  2. Crouch yourself under the sink

House Entrance

  1. Go to the Entrance
  2. Squeeze size
  3. Go under the ramp at the entrance

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