Brutal Orchestra Unlock Companions Guide

Brutal Orchestra Unlock Companions

Last Updated on 29 December, 2021

Brutal Orchestra Unlock Companions Guide – A guide to unlock all the available companions, and there are x20 companions to unlock

Brutal Orchestra Unlock Companions – Available

After the tutorial you will have x3 companions unlocked

  • Nowak: Available from the beginning, he is the main character
  • Boyle: The Veteran – Available from the tutorial
  • Hans: The Severed – Available from the tutorial

Brutal Orchestra Unlock Companions – Unlock Requirements

There are x17 companions you can unlock, and these are the requirements:

  1. Anton: The Gambler – Pay Anton 10 Coins (cumulative between runs)
  2. Splig: The Conjoined – Abandon or get a party member killed before speaking to them
  3. Pearl: The Glutton – Complete 40 combat encounters before speaking to her (cumulative between runs)
  4. Thype: The Trickster – Defeat all Area 1 Bosses
  5. Griffin: The Naked – Complete 3 combat encounters without taking damage
  6. Arnold: The Failure – Refuse to make fun of Arnold in hard mode
  7. Dimitri: The Incinerated – Interact with a specific campfire in Area 1
  8. LongLiver: The Parasite – Each time a party member dies, the chance to unlock LongLiver when speaking to him increases by 3% (cumulative between runs)
  9. Clive: The Stoic – Speak to Clive three times
  10. Kleiver: The Zealot – Speak to him after killing 20 music men before they transform (cumulative between runs)
  11. Cranes: The Corpse – Get 20 party members killed before speaking to him
  12. Agon: The Terminal – Speak to Agon after having zero companion deaths so far in the run
  13. Rags: The Psychic – Unlocked by “slaying” an Ungod, which can spawn from the body bag enemies
  14. Smoke Stacks: The Black Lung – Every time the player discards an item, the chance to recruit Smoke Stacks upon speaking to them increases by 1% (cumulative between runs)
  15. Leviat: The Mass – Speak to Leviat with Hans in your party
  16. Bimini: The Immortal – Pay Bimini 50 coins at once (NOT cumulative between runs)
  17. Gospel: The Magnum Opus – Speak to Gospel with Nowak as the only party member


Most of the unlocking requirements are cumulative between runs, except in the case of Bimini, for this companion you have to pay 50 coins in a single payment

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