Bug Fables Hard Mode

Bug Fables Hard Mode

Last Updated on 29 September, 2021

Bug Fables Hard Mode – How to unlock the hard mode, what changes, and what can you get if you choose to raise the difficulty

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How to get / unlock the Hard Mode?

Talk to Artis at the Explorers Association after Maki’s tutorial and you will get the medal that unlocks the hard mode

Bug Fables Hard Mode – What Changes?

  • Harder Enemies: +HP, +ATK and also +DEF
  • Exp from battles: x1,15 times
  • More items drop from battles
  • Special medals from Artis when defeating bosses

Bug Fables Hard Mode – Special Medals

  • HP Plus Medal: +2 ally’s HP | Defeat Cenn & Pisci
  • TP Plus Medal: +3 ally’s TP | Defeat Mothiva & Zasp
  • Block Heal Medal: +1 HP if an equipped ally performs a super block | Defeat Zommoth
  • Triumph Buzz Medal: +2 HP for the party after a victory | Defeat Astotheles
  • Antlion Jaws Medal: allies ignore +1 enemy defense | Defeat Ultimax Tank
  • Resist All Medal: -50% chances of receiving bad status effect (allies) | Defeat Primal Weevil
  • Reverse Toxin Medal: being poisoned heals instead, but -1 defense (allies) | Defeat The Beast
  • Life Stealer Medal: -1 Ally’s attack, but their attacks will steal life | Defeat Monsieur Scarlet
  • Miracle Mater Medal: if the equipped ally falls in battle, they will revive in 2 turns (both copies = 1 turn) | Defeat Broodmother or Wasp King
  • Random Start Medal: equipped ally starts the battle with a random status buff or condition | Defeat Carmina
  • Hard Charge Medal: max Charge in exchange for HP | Defeat Dune Scorpion
  • Heavy Throw Medal: + damage to enemies | Defeat Kabbu & Kali
  • Spiky Bod Medal: When blocking, Kabbu will damage enemies that touch him with his horn | Defeat Venus Guardian
  • Deep Taunt Medal: Kabbu’s taunt = +1 enemy attack but -1 enemy defense | Defeat Ahoneynation
  • Empower Medal: + an ally attack (2 turns) | Defeat Heavy Drone B-33
  • Enfeeble Medal: – an enemy attack (2 turns) | Defeat The Watcher
  • Break Medal: – an enemy defense (2 turns) | Defeat Mothiva
  • Quick Flea Medal: Reduces the Flee command from 6 to 3 inputs | Defeat Spider
  • Berry Finder Medal: +25% berries drop | Defeat Riz

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