Cabin Crew Simulator Codes – Roblox – Februrary 2024

Cabin Crew Codes

Last Updated on 5 February, 2024

All the valid Cabin Crew Simulator Codes in one updated list – Roblox Games by Cruising Studios – Redeem these codes for skybox to grow your airline, your fleet, your team of employees, the sky lounge, and much more

Cabin Crew Simulator Codes – Full List

Redeem these codes for skybox to grow your airline, your fleet, your team of employees, the sky lounge, and much more

Valid & Active Codes

These are all the current valid codes:

  • customize – Code reward > SkyBux (NEW)
  • decoration – Code reward > SkyBux (NEW)
  • 100m – Code reward > SkyBux (NEW)
  • decoration – Code reward > SkyBux
  • customize – Code reward > SkyBux
  • airstairs : Code reward > SkyBux
  • service : Code reward > SkyBux
  • galley: Code reward > SkyBux
  • boba: Code reward > SkyBux
  • jetway: Code reward > SkyBux
  • badge: Code reward > SkyBux
  • pilot: Code reward > SkyBux
  • landing: Code reward > SkyBux
  • snow: Code reward > SkyBux
  • captain: Code reward > SkyBux
  • turbulence: Code reward > SkyBux
  • paris: Code reward > 2k SkyBux
  • triple7: Code reward > SkyBux
  • evacuate: Code reward > SkyBux
  • airliner: Code reward > SkyBux
  • cruising: Code reward > SkyBux
  • airliner: Code reward > SkyBux
  • evacuate: Code reward > SkyBux
  • mission: Code reward > 1.500 SkyBux
  • wheelsup: Code reward > 2.000 SkyBux
  • flying: Code reward > 200 SkyBux
  • takeoff: Code reward > 150 SkyBux
  • clouds: Code reward > 100 SkyBux

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Cabin Crew Simulator Social Media Channels

  • Twitter: @CabinCrewRBLX
  • Discord: Cruising Studios
  • Youtube: ??
  • Roblox Group:!/about

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Expired codes

There are currently no expired codes

Cabin Crew Simulator Codes – How to Redeem?

Click on the gift box icon in the menu on the left, under settings, enter the code in the text space of the new window and click on claim to get your Skybux

If you don’t find any of the buttons, watch this video from YT Gaming Dan:

How to play Cabin Crew Simulator? Roblox Game by Cruising Studios

Welcome to Cabin Crew Simulator Simulator!

Create your airline, design your aircraft’s look outside and in, choose your meals and drinks, and fly the friendly skies as a flight attendant ensuring your passengers have a safe and enjoyable flight! Choose from 11 aircraft, 8 destinations, 12+ seats, and 20+ meals. Experience fully realistic cabins and real-life airline procedures! Also experience a range of emergencies in-flight, from fires to water landings!

Support for the game is appreciated through favorites and thumbs-ups!

Premium benefits:
– Immediate access to Sky Lounge

Post-release bugs being fixed within the next few days. Reset/rejoin the game if you experience an issue that prevents you from moving forward in the game.

Also check the spanish guide: Códigos

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Cabin Crew Simulator, by Cruising Studios > Here

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